Our commitments

Through our presence at the side of those confronted with illness, accidents or situations of vulnerability or isolation, through the care and support we provide every day, and through the support we give to loved ones and caregivers, we aim to take care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability.

  • Every member of our community who contributes to fulfilling this mission is guided by the values of trust, responsibility and initiative which bind us to our stakeholders, i.e. residents, patients and their families, employees, public authorities and, more broadly, the players in the regions in which we operate. 
  • We are aware that the quality of care and support depends primarily on the quality of interpersonal relationships. We also know that the quality of these relationships hinges on mutual respect, listening, tact, and kindness, within a framework that is conducive to healthy and fruitful exchanges. That is why we endeavour to uphold commitments and actions that foster the establishment and maintenance of such relationships in the various entities that make up our company, with the help of all stakeholders. 
  • We also strive to promote the training, health, safety, quality of life at work, and career advancement of our employees, so that they may carry out their chosen mission with pride and passion. 

5 commitments, 10 initiatives

  • Patients, residents and families
  • Employees
  • Local communities


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Show respect and consideration to every individual for whom we care and their loved ones, as well as every one of our employees and stakeholders while also fighting all forms of discrimination.

  • Positive care
  • Advice and guidance for people in situations of vulnerability
  • Solidarity and social support for employees
  • Health prevention and promotion for our employees


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Develop a fair and sustainable business operating model that benefits our patients, residents and their families, our employees and other stakeholders for all our business lines and investment decisions.

  • Training and career development
  • Value-sharing


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Protect our communities’ life environment through the adaptation of our processes and behaviours to fight climate change and preserve biodiversity.

  • Energy & carbon footprint


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Harness our geographic footprint and diverse network of facilities to improve access to care, build a resilient local ecosystem and contribute to economic momentum in the regions in which we operate.

  • Local and inclusive purchasing 


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Encourage and enhance innovation to help better prevent illnesses, increase the effectiveness of treatments and enhance the quality of life and satisfaction of patients, residents, families, employees and other stakeholders.

  • Medical research and health innovation
    Technological innovations

A transversal commitment

Inclusive governance

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Establish and strengthen our governance by including representatives of our key stakeholders in each facility and at national level, to harness collective intelligence and ensure that all our communities are fully involved in the decisions we take and the actions we carry out.

  • Empowered stakeholder councils

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