Human Resources

Clariane’s human resources policy, based on the Group’s values – trust, responsibility and initiative – is at the heart of the corporate project, in a sector of services for vulnerable people for whom the quality of the care and support provided is crucial.

Continued investment in teams and talent development

Developing the attractiveness and value of our professions is a priority, so that we may be able to guarantee excellence and continuity of care for residents and patients, in a context of insufficient and volatile resources.

Korian’s HR policy is organised around three strategic priorities:

  • mobilising Korian employees around an ambitious core social mission;
  • developing skills and talent to ensure the quality of care;
  • being a committed and responsible social player.

The Group was recognised as a “Top Employer” in 2023 for its four main countries – Germany, France, Belgium and Italy – which together account for 94% of the Group’s workforce. This status is obtained following audits carried out by Top Employers Institute, an independent international organisation that certifies excellence in HR practices in terms of working conditions.

  • Top employer France 2023 - Certified excellence in employee conditions
  • Top employer België Belgique Belgium 2023 - Certified excellence in employee conditions
  • Top employer Deutschland Germany 2023 - Certified excellence in employee conditions
  • Top employer Italia Italy 2023 - Certified excellence in employee conditions
  Skills training courses Frequency of accidents at work Women in top management Average staff seniority in years
2019 4.1% (2174) 52 46% 6.7
2020 8.1% (4348) 57 47% 6.9
2021 9.7% (5302) 48 47% 7.4
2022 11.8% (6808) 41 56% 7.3

Increased loyalty and attractiveness

  • +19%

    employees hired on permanent contracts in 2022

    vs 2021 c. 10,750

  • 78

    engagement rate*

    +1 pt

*Korian Pulse - Ipsos 2022 employee satisfaction survey
Response rate of 58% (+17 pts) 


Faced with the shortage of personnel, a major challenge in our sector, the development of training is a pillar of our human resources policy. Supported by our training organisation, Korian Academy, and its network of academies throughout Europe, skills training is a springboard for those looking to develop professionally.

It is also essential for meeting the challenges of recruitment through internal mobility and is a distinguishing factor in the company’s attractiveness as an employer. In 2019, Korian innovated by creating its own skills training schemes, by developing apprenticeships in France and Germany, and by promoting, with public and private partners, retraining courses (the “Passerelles” project).

In 2022, more than one in 10 Korian employees were involved in a qualifying professional development programme.

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