The foundations of our business and know-how, defined with our community of professionals, Clariane’s three values are at the heart of our commitment and guide our actions on a daily basis.

Trust, responsibility, initiative.

Trust, responsibility and initiative are inseparable: sustainable relationships with our stakeholders are based on trust, renewed through initiative and maintained through responsible decisions.

Our values are a code of conduct for creating strong ties with vulnerable people and their loved ones; they require exemplary behaviour. These values unlock each individual’s capacity for action and forge a Clariane culture that is common to all, regardless of the business line or activity, in the six countries where the Group is established.

Trust takes the form of transparency, kindness and consideration

Our care community is first and foremost built on TRUST.

We act with respect and consideration for all vulnerable people, their families, and all our employees, whoever they may be; and we rely on a fair, balanced and sustainable business model that meets everyone’s needs.

Responsibility is reflected in our integrity, the quality of our services, and our ability to make a long-term commitment


We operate as close as possible to local communities to improve access to care and support the dynamics of our living areas, while protecting our ecosystems by acting more appropriately and responsibly.

Initiative thrives on innovation, commitment and courage

INITIATIVE makes us grow.

We innovate to improve disease prevention, diagnostic and treatment efficiency, and the quality of life of the people we support, their informal carers, and our caregivers.

Our values in video

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