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Key figures for 2022

  • 4534m

    Group revenue

    +6.2% organic growth VS 5.9% in 2021

  • +5.6%

    reported growth

    VS 11.3% in 2021

  • 13.4%

    EBITDA margin

    vs. 13.9% in 2021

  • 67m

    net profit/(loss) from continuing operations

    vs. €123 million in 2021

  • 371m

    free operating cash flow

    vs. €230 million in 2021

  • 1234m

    cash and cash equivalents

    of which €500 million of undraw RCF

  • 3.7x

    financial leverage

    vs. 3.1x in 2021

  • 3.5billion

    real estate portfolio

    vs. €3.2 billion in 2021

  • 0.25

    /share with share-based payment option

    vs. €0.35/share with share-based payment option in 2021

Figures as at 31 December 2022 excluding IFRS 16. The 2021 figures are adjusted to reflect the impact of discontinued operations, recognised in accordance with IFRS 5, and the change in accounting for configuration or customisation costs as part of a SaaS-type contract (IAS 38).

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  • Development / M&A

    Clariane confirms the disposal of its activity

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    Availability of a second amendment to the 2023 URD

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  1. Revenue and results for the first half-year 2024

  2. Q3 2024 revenue

This agenda is given for information, it is subject to change if necessary. Unless exception, publications will be released after the close of Euronext Paris.

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