History of the Group

In its twenty-year history, the Clariane Group has undergone profound changes, consolidating its core business, deploying new expertise and expanding in Europe.

At your side for twenty years

2003-2014: birth of Korian and first developments in Europe

  • 2003

    4 networks of medical-social facilities join together; Korian is born in Besançon

  • 2006

    Listing on Euronext Paris

  • 2007

    First acquisitions in Europe, in Germany with Phönix and in Italy with Segesta

  • 2013

    Korian becomes a leader in Germany

  • 2014

    Merger of Korian and Medica

2015-2019: European expansion and new business lines

  • 2015

    Korian is now also present in Belgium

  • 2017

    Creation of the Korian Foundation 
    First materiality matrix

  • 2018

    New business lines : 
    Domiciliary care: Petits-fils
    Shared housing: Ages & Vie

  • 2019

    Entry into Spain and the Netherlands

2020-2022: in a “COVID-19” world, acceleration of the network’s transformation and expansion of its services

  • 2020

    Strengthening of mental health with the acquisition of Inicea
    First European Works Council

  • 2021

    Entry into the UK with the acquisition of Berkley Care
    Strengthening of mental health with the acquisition of Ita Salud

  • 2022

    - Transformation into a European Company 
    - Implementation of the first employee shareholding plan: 3% of capital held by employees 
    - Record year for network restructuring: 144 facilities built or renovated 
    - Grouping of health activities in France under the Inicea brand 
    - Strengthening of mental health activities in Spain with Grupo 5 and in Italy with IGH

2023: Korian, an essential activity at the service of the common good. Korian becomes a purpose-led company

  • 2023

    - Korian as a reference employer: Top Employer in France, Italy, Belgium and Germany 
    - Korian becomes a purpose-led company 
    - The European Company is named Clariane. Expert brands are retained

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