Clariane is constantly working to improve the well-being of its patients and residents.

Quality of care is our top priority

It was in this context that we developed our “Positive Care” approach to improve the autonomy of our residents and optimise their quality of life through individualised non-pharmaceutical therapies. This scientific approach is an integral part of our quality and good-treatment policy and requires an impeccable quality management system.

For this reason, we accelerated our comprehensive ISO 9001 certification programme, which was launched in 2020. As of the end of 2022, almost 68% of the retirement home network in Europe was fully ISO certified. In addition to this certification, our facilities regularly undergo internal audits, with more than 200 people dedicated to quality control, as well as audits by external bodies (Bureau Veritas, Mérieux, Afnor and other ISO certifiers in Europe).

This constant policy of improving and standardising the quality of service in all facilities is reflected in the improved level of satisfaction expressed by the Group’s residents and patients.

  Positive Care**
Target: 100% of facilities by 2023
ISO certification***
Target: 100% of facilities by 2023
2019 72% 8% (64)
2020* 66% 11% (89)
2021 80% 29% (240)
2022 97% 68% (529)

* Year impacted by COVID
** This indicator is based on the care homes that are monitored annually as part of the ESG criteria of the Sustainability Linked Euro Private Placement and which have been open for at least two years, i.e. 697 care homes (excluding Spain and the UK) in 2022.
*** 836 facilities minus 55 facilities sold or closed, in 2021 and 2022, i.e. 781 facilities.

A high level of satisfaction

KSatisfaction - 2022 European survey Ipsos

  • 36

    Net Promoter Score


  • 8/10

    Satisfaction score


  • 8.1/10

    Consideration score - Retirement homes


The alert and report management system is accessible to all stakeholders and reflects the Group’s commitment to transparency

Clariane works to ensure that all staff are trained in good treatment and in procedures for managing alerts and reports. This requires that everyone:

  • identify and report any risk of inappropriate treatment;
  • know how to behave appropriately if a report is submitted (accept the complaint, claim or remark, thank the person for making the comment, and provide reassurance that the problem will be solved).

When a serious adverse event occurs in a facility, it is subject to:

  • the implementation of immediate actions; 
  • an internal declaration in the system in place in each country;
  • a declaration to the competent authorities according to local regulations;
  • an analysis of the root causes, which may be accompanied by the implementation of additional actions (preventive or curative). 

The reporter receives an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours. They are then kept informed of the status of their request and are informed of the conclusion of the investigations within a maximum period of three months (unless the matter is particularly complex).

At national level, the collection of all these events, reported by our stakeholders, employees, residents and patients, is regularly reviewed in incident committees. The purpose of these committees is to monitor sensitive cases, define and validate appropriate action plans, and coordinate actions between the Group’s departments. 

An update is regularly shared between the countries and the Group for the most sensitive situations and events. This exchange also aims to analyse major trends and take global phenomena into account. 

In order to prevent the occurrence of these undesirable events, awareness-raising and prevention campaigns are being deployed, under the impetus of the Group, around several major themes such as the proper use of medication, patient safety, hygiene, the prevention of risks of infection, and good treatment. These campaigns are deployed and, if necessary, supplemented by each country to adapt them to local environments.

Key figures

Quality 2019 2020 2021 2022
ISO 9001 certification rate 8% 11% 29% 68%
“Positive Care” implementation rate 72% 66% 80% 97%
Supervision rate (France - Paid days / 100 residents) 67 77 76 78
Satisfaction - Net Promoter Score (satisfaction rate before 2021) (90%) (94%) 34 36
Frequency of Serious Adverse Events (/10,000 days)     0.43 0.47

Methodology: Methodological Note 3.8.3 of URD 2022, pp.181-190

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