Show respect and consideration to every individual for whom we care and their loved ones, as well as every one of our employees and stakeholders while also fighting all forms of discrimination. 

“Positive Care”

Implement our “Positive Care” approach in all our facilities and through all our activities (retirement homes, healthcare facilities, alternative living solutions), in order to promote the personalisation of care, protect the humanity and autonomy of our patients/residents, improve their quality of life in all that we do and thus show greater consideration to every individual (as perceived in our satisfaction surveys).

“Positive Care" is the approach to care developed by Clariane. It aims to place the individual and the consideration of their expectations and desires at the centre of all care initiatives, encourage the maintenance of autonomy, and improve the quality of life of residents and patients. It differs from a form of care that is essentially focused on drugs and technical procedures.

The development of non-pharmaceutical therapies in retirement homes is an important condition for the implementation of Positive Care. The range of therapies deployed aims to stimulate physical and cognitive abilities in order to promote the maintenance of autonomy and enhance well-being. As of the end of 2022, Positive Care non-pharmaceutical therapy equipment and associated training were deployed in 97% of the Group’s specialised retirement homes.

Next steps

  • Further strengthen the “Positive Care” approach, particularly with regard to living environments, the planning of spaces, the organisation of facilities, and team training.
  • Extend the approach, initially developed in care homes, to the Group’s other activities: healthcare facilities and services, and alternative living solutions.  

Improving support and care through these multiple dimensions is a joint development project carried out at Group level, with a dedicated European Committee and a quarterly operational Monitoring Committee, which coordinate and pool the work carried out by monthly thematic working groups.

Advice and guidance for people in situations of vulnerability

Develop advice and guidance services to help people who are in vulnerable situations and enable them to understand and access the support and help available, whether it is within our Group or in other networks. 

“Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability” requires a presence that goes beyond the provision of care and the boundaries of our network. This presence has multiple dimensions: listening, psychological support, information and advice, including before and after care is provided.

In our facilities, psychologists and all the teams are available to families on a daily basis to discuss various issues, provide explanations, and train family carers. “Carers’ cafés” and “Alzheimer’s cafés” are organised to answer any questions family members may have. Our “Family Relations” service can also be reached via a dedicated hotline. 

We hope to go further by helping to inform as many people as possible about the solutions and resources that are available, both inside and outside the Clariane Group.

Next steps

  • Create a dedicated help and advice line, which will be set up in France from 1 July 2023 and will subsequently be deployed in several other countries; it will enable anyone facing a situation of vulnerability to understand the solutions and mechanisms that are available, both inside and outside the Clariane Group, so they may choose the most suitable solution.
  • Strengthen the guidance and counselling services that our network offers for patients and their families throughout the care process, in particular through staff training.

Solidarity and social support for employees

Help our employees who are going through times of vulnerability by providing psychological and social assistance as well as temporary support, whether financial or in kind, in order to limit the short-term impact on their lives and prevent the medium-term deterioration of their situation.

Our employees work tirelessly, day in and day out, to support and care for patients and residents. Clariane is committed to supporting its employees when they themselves are in difficulty. 

In 2022, our Group developed a standard for social and psychological support for employees, defined by a transnational working group. It describes the different types of support that the Group would like to be able to offer to all its employees: psychological support through a helpline, social support through a dedicated internal department or partnerships with public authorities and associations, financial support through endowment funds, and the prevention and management of crisis situations through training, coaching and mediation.

In France, a social department offers a neutral and confidential place where employees can benefit from information, advice, listening and guidance, whatever the problem encountered (social or family situation, finances, health, professional situation, housing, access to rights, etc.). In 2022, the social department established contact with almost 2,250 individuals and provided long-term follow-up for 230. In terms of psychological support, the anonymous and confidential Stimulus helpline, which is accessible 24/7, is available to all employees. It allows them to exchange experiences, be supported, and take a step back from the difficulties they are going through or witnessing. 

In Belgium, “trusted persons” are appointed on each site and are available to listen to the problems encountered by employees. The “PETRA” fund, which is financed by the company, also helps alleviate emergency situations for families that have suffered a tragedy in their lives. For example, the solidarity fund created in 2020 to help families and employees in difficulty was able to raise money for Clariane’s Belgian families who were victims of the serious floods that took place in 2021.

Next steps

  • Create a solidarity scheme in all our countries of operation, similar to the solidarity fund that has existed since 2020 in Belgium, enabling us to provide employees in emergency situations with temporary financial or in-kind support. In France, the solidarity fund will be available as of the last quarter of 2023, and will be endowed with €700,000.
  • Strengthen the psychological and social support system for employees by rolling out the Group standard. In 2022, the social department established contact with almost 2,250 individuals and provided long-term follow-up for 230. In 2023, the social department team was strengthened.

Health prevention and promotion for our employees

Develop health prevention activities for staff, in terms of both regularity and quality, to contribute to the early detection and treatment of potential illnesses while encouraging employees to take care of their own well-being.

Just like its high-quality care policy for its residents and patients, Clariane makes the preservation of each employee’s physical and psychological integrity a top priority. 

In November 2021, with a view to continuously improving health and safety conditions for its employees, Clariane’s management and the members of the European Works Council (EWC) adopted a European protocol on health and safety at work, aiming to reduce the risk of work accidents. This was the first time that such a protocol had been signed in the sector. The protocol is based on the Group’s occupational health and safety charter and includes 25 measures intended to raise the Group’s standards in all countries.

Next steps

  • Strengthen existing health prevention and promotion actions and evaluate how relevant they are to our employees’ needs. Depending on the priorities identified in our various countries of operation, these actions may take the form of awareness-raising or screening campaigns, the training of health/safety officers responsible for relaying these actions in the field, or health check-ups offered to the most at-risk populations.