At the heart of Clariane’s promise and purpose, innovation allows us to provide meaningful solutions and improve the quality of care, the safety and well-being of patients, residents and informal carers, and quality of life at work for caregivers, in its care homes, clinics, residences and shared accommodations and in the home environment.

Innovating to offer the very best in care, healthcare and hospitality

In line with the major demographic, societal and environmental challenges facing society, Clariane is deploying a proactive innovation strategy drawing on its expertise in the fields of healthcare and care.

An ageing population, the development of chronic diseases, the increase in mental health problems, access to care in all regions, the desire to remain at home for as long as possible, the attractiveness of healthcare and care professions: to effectively address these issues in all their diversity, Clariane is deploying a complementary and coordinated approach to health and technological innovation.

To meet the societal challenges brought about by demographics, Clariane has chosen to invest in innovation by using the expertise of our European teams to build evolving care solutions that improve comfort and safety. We are committed to facilitating exchanges between our network and players in the care sector, whether they are private or public companies or start-ups, so that innovations may be tested, deployed and adapted for the benefit of vulnerable people

Sophie Boissard CEO

Health innovation covers the entire care chain in three major medical areas: geriatrics, rehabilitation, and mental health.

Technological innovation provides solutions that help maintain the autonomy and enhance the safety of residents and patients, improve quality of life at work for employees, and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Clariane develops an open and cross-cutting approach to innovation, leads a powerful ecosystem of experts and start-ups, establishes active partnerships with recognised research organisations, and has effective vectors for medical and digital innovation.

At Clariane, innovation is a reality in action, every single day, within the Group’s 1,350 facilities in the six European countries where it is established. It is also a state of mind that drives the company and its employees and applies to a wide variety of areas, helping Clariane continuously improve its services: real estate, equipment, and operating, information and management systems.

Innovation at the heart of our mission

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Innovation in pictures

Clariane is developing an open, cross-disciplinary approach to healthcare and technological innovation.

Health innovation

Clariane innovates in three priority areas in the health sector, in line with changes in society and the expectations of patients and healthcare staff: geriatrics, Rehabilitation, Psychiatry and addiction care.

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Technological innovation

Combining the best in technology, digital technology and artificial intelligence, whether from the market or developed in-house, with our healthcare expertise – this is the spirit that has driven Clariane for several years.

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Our vectors for innovation

With Clariane Innovation Hub, a platform for innovative projects, and Clariane Digital Factory, Clariane brings together the analysis of needs and a whole world of solutions that our Group designs and selects to implement those that are the most innovative and impactful.

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Our start-ups

Clariane has been working for years in close collaboration with digital partners and start-ups in which the Group is a shareholder, to stimulate innovation, create the necessary tools, and develop more effective and more affordable care solutions.

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Our innovation and research partnerships

Clariane stimulates innovation both internally and externally through its involvement in selected innovation partnerships.

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