People at the heart of the strategy

With 60,000 employees in six European countries and 800 living areas, Clariane is one of the largest communities of healthcare professionals in Europe.

Our occupations are occupations of the future: centred on health and human support, they are meaningful and meet the fundamental needs of our society.

Taking care of those who take care of others

The Clariane community is different and is committed to fulfilling a common mission. Its purpose, “Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability”, is the basis of each Clariane Group employee’s commitment to patients and residents, regardless of their profession, activity, status and expertise and the country or region in which they work.

This is why Clariane, aware of the value of its teams who work with the most vulnerable individuals every day, “takes care of those who take care of others”. One of the Group’s top priorities is to ensure the well-being and fulfilment of its employees through attentive listening, respectful social dialogue, and the quality of working conditions, health and safety within its facilities. Taking care of those who take care of others also means encouraging internal social promotion and career development for employees through inclusive, qualifying career paths and access to training leading to a diploma in sustainable professions.

Our mission to help vulnerable people, our commitment to training, our social contract and our local presence are enshrined in our articles of association, as is the specificity of our business model which requires the fair sharing of value.

Sophie Boissard CEO

Key figures, Europe

  • 60000

    employees in Europe

  • 10700

    permanent staff members recruited each year

  • 821%

    women, including 54% in top management

  • 12%

    of employees in a qualifying training course

  • 7 years

    of average seniority

  • 3000


(1) nearly 7000 employees

Clariane's 3 values

Trust, Initiative and Responsibility.

These values form the basis of our daily commitment to taking the utmost care of our residents, patients and co-workers and all the stakeholders involved in our activities, in line with our unique, cross-cutting “Positive Care” approach developed throughout the Group and its facilities.

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Clariane’s employer promise is based on strong corporate values that are embodied in the day-to-day work of 60,000 professionals who work alongside the patients, residents and families who place their trust in us. 
In line with this intense team commitment, the Clariane employer promise is expressed simply – ‘taking care of those who take care of others’ – and in all the dimensions of our social contract”.

Rémi Boyer Director of Human Resources
  • Top Employer Belgique 2024

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