About us

With 60,000 employees in six European countries, Clariane is meeting the major challenge of caring each person’s humanity in times of vulnerabilty through its three activities: care homes, healthcare facilities and services, and home and alternative living solutions.

Clariane is the leading European community for care, healthcare and hospitality in times of vulnerability.

Our 20-year-old Group and the 60,000 Clariane employees support nearly 900,000 people in our 1,300 facilities in 800 living areas in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Clariane is a key player involved in care, healthcare and hospitality. The Group has developed a unique set of skills and expertise, built upon the values of trust, initiative and responsibility upheld by each of its employees.

Clariane is a purpose-driven company, committed to:

Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability

In line with the major demographic, epidemiological and sociological challenges of our time, Clariane offers personalised forms of support, organised around three major families of activities: care homes, healthcare, and alternative living solutions.

Its three pillars of activity harness complementary and cross-cutting expertise

Care homes

Clariane, an expert provider of care for the elderly, welcomes and assists more than 90,000 residents each year in its 662 facilities in Europe (Korian networks, Seniors Residencias, Stepping Stones).


Healthcare facilities and services

The Clariane Group assists 700,000 patients each year in 276 healthcare facilities in Europe, providing full-time hospitalisation, day hospitalisation and outpatient care as well as home hospitalisation services (Inicea, Grupo 5, Ita Salud Mental, Sage, etc.).


Shared living solutions

Clariane supports 110,000 people through more than 414 shared living houses (Âges et Vie) and the deployment of home services agencies (Petits-Fils, etc.).


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