Protect our communities’ life environment through the adaptation of our processes and behaviours to fight climate change and preserve biodiversity.

Energy & carbon footprint

Change our energy mix and reduce our overall consumption, by adopting more efficient solutions and using local and low-carbon energy, in order to radically and rapidly reduce the negative climate impact of our activities.

Reducing our energy consumption and the carbon footprint of our activities contributes to protecting the living environment of the vulnerable people we care for and corresponds to a respectful vision of the environment and our responsibility as a European Group present in more than 700 living areas.

Clariane is committed to reducing its total energy consumption by 30% by 2026, by adapting its practices, equipment and buildings; it also undertakes to reduce the share of fossil fuels in its energy mix to less than 50%.

In 2022, the energy consumption of our buildings was reduced by 8%, thanks in particular to the renovation of the building stock, which began in 2016, and to new buildings certified for very good thermal performance, awareness-raising on eco-actions for teams, and a less severe winter.

Next steps

  • Join the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and submit our low-carbon trajectory targets by the end of 2023