Our management

The Group has set up a dedicated governance structure to define and implement its ESG strategy.

  • Board of Directors assisted by the Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee: definition of the ESG strategy and monitoring of its implementation.
  • General Management Committee: implementation of the ESG strategy and monitoring of the actions carried out in relation to each of the pillars by the Brand and Engagement Director, with the support of a dedicated Group CSR Department.
  • Group CSR Department: management of sustainable development initiatives in conjunction with all the operational departments and with the network of country ambassadors. Coordination of the monthly Group ESG Steering Committee and mobilisation of all levels of the Group, in particular the facilities that maintain close relations with local stakeholders.
  • Network of CSR Ambassadors appointed in each of the Group’s countries: deployment of the ESG strategy and monitoring of the achievement of objectives, while sharing best practices between countries.

Clariane’s ESG strategy was built by taking its stakeholders’ expectations into consideration in order to identify priority social, societal and environmental issues. In addition, Clariane updated its materiality matrix in 2021 to prioritise its stakeholders’ expectations and the most relevant issues with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listening to the expectations of particularly diverse stakeholders

To define our CSR commitments, we listened to our stakeholders. Our strategy is aligned with the interests of all.

Residents and patients:
elderly and vulnerable people and their relatives
  • Employees
    and their
  • Health professionals essential to care quality
  • Financial shareholders and extra-financial rating agencies
  • Local and national public authorities
  • Schools and training providers
  • Professional
  • Debate circles, think tanks and media
  • Suppliers
  • Academia and
    research centres
  • Local players, associations, charities, religious authorities

18 material ESG issues classified into 3 categories

Strong and structured ESG governance

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