Our locations

Since it was founded twenty years ago in the east of France in the heart of Europe, Clariane has chosen to develop its activities within and for local areas.

Clariane, a presence in 6 European countries

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of the demographic, sociological and epidemiological developments in our societies and its strong regional presence, Clariane has established itself as one of the pioneers in care, health and hospitality in Europe.

Its European growth began in Germany and Italy in 2007; 6 years later, Clariane set up in Belgium. With the addition of Spain and the Netherlands in 2019, Clariane has consolidated its European presence and now operates in 6 countries.

Over the past 20 years, Clariane has pursued a dynamic and controlled expansion of its business, enabling it to provide diverse, high-quality solutions to frailty and continuity of care issues faced by the European countries where the group operates.

In summary

  • 5047M

    Group turnover

  • +8.4%

    organic growth

  • 12.2%

    EBITDA margin

Our activities in Europe

The Clariane Group provides services in three areas of activity: specialised care homes, hospitality (shared accommodation, assisted living facilities for seniors and home care) and healthcare.

Clariane operates in six European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands).

  • 6

    European countries covered

  • No. 1

    in 4 countries

  • 1300+


Our activities by country

  • In France

    France, the birthplace of the Group in 2003, is Clariane's historic operating region. In France, the Clariane Group offers solutions tailored to different levels of fragility.

  • In Germany

    With 18,000 employees in Germany, Clariane offers personalised support solutions for the elderly and fragile.

  • In Belgium

    Present in Belgium since 2005, the Clariane Group is developing its care homes activities with its Korian expert brand, as well as its alternative living solutions.

  • In the Netherlands

    The Clariane Group has been present in the Netherlands since 2019 and has developed an expertise in supporting the elderly in care homes and assisted living facilities.

  • In Spain

    The Clariane Group, which has been present in Spain since 2019 through its expert brands Seniors, Ita and Grupo 5, holds a leading position in the health and medico-social sector. 

  • In Italy

    In Italy, where Clariane set up in 2014, the Group has deployed a true 360-degree “healthcare network”, providing a unique model with a philosophy aimed at encompassing and caring for the well-being of each and every Italian.

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