Our mission

In light of Clariane’s social and societal mission, it has a special role to play that is based on the strong sense of responsibility of all the company’s players in the face of the major challenges of ageing and vulnerability in Europe.

Our mission

In line with the CSR approach implemented by the Group since 2017, Clariane adopted the status of société à mission (purpose-driven company) at its General Meeting on 15 June 2023. This was the result of a long process of reflection and consultation with its stakeholders; it was also a fundamental step in the company’s transformation that confirmed its meaningful, daily commitment to society and the environment. 

Clariane thus adopted a new purpose, uniting all the members of its community: 

Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability.

This purpose was supplemented by five commitments to all our stakeholders: consideration, fairness, innovation, locality, and sustainability. 

Together, they constitute our mission.

By becoming a société à mission and by including this in its statutes, Clariane: 

  • redefined a common mission that became broader than its historical activity;
  • established a clear purpose and social and environmental objectives defining its commitment to society;
  • stepped up the involvement and participation of all its stakeholders in the achievement of this common mission;
  • chose to make its contribution to the common good both public and enforceable.

The status of Société à Mission

Introduced by the PACTE Act in France in 2019, a Société à Mission is a company with a purpose that has related social, societal and environmental objectives, which are enshrined in its articles of association and constitute its “mission”. The monitoring of this mission is entrusted to a Mission Committee, a body that is separate from the Board of Directors and which may be composed of members from both inside and outside the company, including at least one employee. An independent third party is also responsible for verifying the achievement of the objectives every two years.

The Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is responsible for monitoring the fulfilment of the mission and is composed of 13 members divided into three colleges; these members include Clariane employees, stakeholders (including the families of patients and residents) in each country, and qualified external figures. 

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Stakeholder consultation

A broad consultation was opened in June 2022 to understand the expectations and priorities of our stakeholders and determine what specific contributions our Group can make given its history, values, and expertise.

More than 1,500 people, representing residents/families/patients, staff and their representatives, the public authorities, the investment community, and journalists, participated in this exercise through workshops, interviews, surveys, question-and-answer sessions, and dedicated meetings of governance bodies and stakeholder councils. All employees were also consulted individually through the annual employee survey.

For each group of stakeholders, this consultation allowed us to identify the basic building blocks for our renewed mission.

Patients, residents, families

  • Need for more humanity in the sector
  • Trust must be conveyed and earned by employees who are properly trained and motivated
  • Importance of consideration for vulnerable people
  • Importance of transparency in daily dialogue
  • Better integration into communities

Employees, representatives

  • Improve the quality of care, particularly by providing more personalised care
  • Support employees in their personal lives / Contribute to better health conditions
  • Develop career paths
  • Preserve the environment and natural resources

Mayor, local communities

  • Enable people to change jobs - contribute to employability
  • Ensure fair remuneration
  • Involve employees in community life
  • Share profits and be transparent with regulators
  • Participate in a circular economy


  • Visibility of the purpose-led company’s impact on its practices and business model
  • Statutory commitments also consistent with the existing ESG strategy
  • A simple, accessible and concrete purpose
  • Indicators clearly linked to commitments
  • Fluid and efficient governance with clearly defined roles
  • A Mission Committee capable of understanding the realities on the ground, while representing stakeholders well

The entire Clariane community has been mobilised for our transformation into a purpose-led company. Through the many stakeholder contributions, we have seen expectations converge as the importance of our day-to-day role alongside local communities has become more evident. 
Thanks to the first 10 initiatives that we are going to deploy, we want to concretely improve the quality of ties between caregivers and patients and commit to the health of our employees, their promotion through training, and the strengthening of our local presence.

Sophie Boissard CEO

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