Technological innovation

Combining the best in technology, digital technology and artificial intelligence, whether from the market or developed in-house, with our healthcare expertise – this is the spirit that has driven Clariane for several years. It adopts a human approach to technology to leverage innovation with the aim of improving the comfort of patients, residents and caregivers and the safety of all.

Innovation at Clariane responds to three major challenges: continuously improving the well-being, autonomy and comfort of residents and patients, optimising quality of life at work for care staff, and controlling its environmental impact to promote more sustainable practices.

Our European societies are facing considerable demographic changes. By the end of the decade, the population aged 65 and over will have reached 126 million. Digital innovation will be crucial to deliver high-quality services in terms of comfort and safety

Anne-Charlotte Dymny Director of Digital Transformation for the Korian Group

In practice: Three examples of technological innovation projects

Fall detection and prevention

The “Kaspard” image-free fall detection system prevents falls, which are a major cause of accelerated dependency.

In-room home automation

It allows patients and residents to remotely control lights and shutters using Alexa voice commands. In the same way, they can consult the menu of the day and the activities planned for the day. Building temperatures and indoor air quality are monitored remotely to ensure comfort and issue an alert if temperature or CO2 thresholds are exceeded.

Smart building

Several heating system control solutions are being tested and deployed across the European building stock to improve the Group’s carbon footprint and enhance comfort. The meters will be connected to a dedicated network to monitor consumption and in the future, respond to all applications of the Internet of Things.