Our innovation and research partnerships

Clariane stimulates innovation both internally and externally through its involvement in selected innovation partnerships.

Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, Clariane collaborates with public and private sector partners to express its vision of needs and share its care and support expertise. Clariane thus contributes to the emergence and design of innovative projects, with a view to anticipating and constantly improving practices.



INSPIRE is a public-private research programme dedicated to biological and healthy ageing. INSPIRE provides clinical care and biological and technological resources for research and development focusing on ageing. It is open to both academics and companies and aims to address one of the great challenges facing society worldwide: promoting healthy ageing and preventing dependency.

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Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya

Cluster salut mental

In Spain, Clariane is a member of Cluster Salut Mental, in which the Group collaborates with public authorities, health sector partners and research institutes to develop new solutions. We share our own expertise in order to trigger new innovations.

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Strengthening prevention and promoting comprehensive and personalised care for patients with chronic diseases are common priorities for Clariane and Kamet Ventures, who signed a partnership agreement in 2022. This partnership combines Clariane’s field expertise and resources with Kamet Ventures’ proven know-how in innovation, in order to imagine future treatment and monitoring methods for chronic diseases and thus improve their management.

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NPIS - Non-Pharmacological Intervention Society


Non-Pharmacological Intervention Society (NPIS) works to develop research into non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to better integrate them into health systems. It organises scientific conferences and publishes guides on research, good inter-professional practice, and the sector.

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fondation fondamental

FONDAMENTAL foundation

The FondaMental foundation, created in 2007 at the initiative of the French Ministry of Research, is dedicated to improving the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of mental illnesses. It combines innovation in the organisation of care with support for cutting-edge research to promote the personalised and multidisciplinary management of psychiatric disorders. The FondaMental foundation places prevention and innovation at the heart of its action.

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STARTER - Stratégies innovantes et intelligence artificielle pour la rééducation de la fonction motrice et la préservation de l'autonomie

STARTER Scientific Interest Group

The STARTER (innovative strategies and artificial intelligence for the rehabilitation of motor function and preservation of autonomy) Scientific Interest Group (SIG) brings together Dijon University Hospital, the University of Burgundy, INSERM, and the SATT network and thus benefits from the skills of public and private, academic and hospital-academic stakeholders. The partners of the STARTER SIG are working on several ambitious projects concerning post-stroke neurological rehabilitation, human-robot interaction, and connected remote patient monitoring using artificial intelligence.