Our vectors for innovation

With Clariane Innovation Hub, a platform for innovative projects, and the Clariane Digital Factory, Clariane brings together the analysis of needs and a whole world of solutions that our Group designs and selects to implement those that are the most innovative and impactful.

Clariane Innovation Hub

The Clariane Innovation Hub aims to harness the best in innovation by connecting start-ups and various entities of the Clariane Group.

Our team assesses the start-up, the maturity of their product and its compatibility with the Group's needs.

One of the promising innovations that has been identified is a fall detection tool, which is currently being deployed in Korian nursing homes in France and Belgium.

The mission that drives us every day

One of Clariane Innovation Hub's main challenges is to help our Group understand the changes brought about by new technologies and integrate them into its organisation, helping employees to become familiar with their use.

The Clariane Innovation Hub is based on a European ecosystem, which helps to identify the digital needs of the various business teams. This ecosystem helps to coordinate the Group's various innovation initiatives.

Faced with the problems encountered on a daily basis by our employees, patients and residents, we propose technological solutions that we systematically test in facilities in order to assess their added value before considering a wider roll-out.

Our stakeholders, driving innovation

Our commitment to our patients and residents is reflected in our close links with our facilities and care professionals. They are the first to identify any need for innovation.

Their expertise and commitment to the innovation process are key.

Are you a company or start-up with a passion for technological innovation in healthcare and care for frail patients?

Share your project with us!

Together, we can make technological innovation work for our patients, residents and team members.

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Clariane Digital Factory

Clariane Digital Factory is our in-house digital agency, providing digital and technological expertise in the six countries where Clariane operates. One of Clariane Digital Factory’s priorities is the development of new home services, in open partnership with players catering to all the needs of dependent elderly or vulnerable people.

Clariane evaluates, tests and develops ideas: mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), voice assistants, digital signage, etc. Clariane Digital Factory has experts who deploy its innovations at Group and country level.