The Clariane Group publishes its Universal Registration Document 2023 including the Annual Financial Report and the Integrated Report

Clariane Group

2023 Universal Registration Document

Submitted to the AMF on 30 April 2024, the 2023 Universal Registration Document provides an overview of the Group’s business in 2023 and its achievements, and presents its ESG commitments and strategic ambitions, as well as its financial and non-financial results. Particular emphasis is placed on the Group’s positive impacts.

2023 was a significant milestone in the history of the Group. Our decisions, from our new corporate project to the adoption of purpose-driven company status, our corporate purpose and new corporate name and identity, all reflect a renewed ambition to meet the challenges of caring for the vulnerable.

2023 – A year of resilience

2023 was in many ways a paradoxical year for Clariane, characterised both by a very solid operating performance and, from the third quarter, by the emerging crisis in access to financing. The announcement of our refinancing plan
on 14 November 2023 indirectly illustrates the importance of having secured our Group’s purpose, which will endure whatever the future holds in financial and organisational terms.

On the governance front, 2023 was marked by the creation of the Mission Committee, whose members were appointed by the Board of Directors, and which is tasked with overseeing the implementation of Clariane’s corporate purpose.

Our Universal Registration Document not only illustrates our robust performance but also underlines our ability to project ourselves forward, to better serve the evolving expectations of our customers and become an even more responsible and sustainable player.

I would like to pay tribute to the remarkable commitment of the 60,000 professionals of the Clariane community, who cared for around 900,000 patients and residents in our facilities or at home in 2023.

Sophie Boissard CEO of the Clariane Group

2023 – An ESG strategy integral to the corporate project

It also saw us confirm the progress made since 2019 on the 2019-2023 CSR roadmap, meeting or even exceeding most of the main CSR objectives.

  • Quality of care

The ISO 9001 certification process was instrumental in improving and securing our quality management systems. With 100% of our sites within the target scope now certified, the hard work undertaken by all of our facilities was almost certainly one of the driving forces behind the more than 8-point increase in our patient/resident/family recommendation score compared with 2022. Rolled out in all of our nursing homes, Positive Care is now a benchmark for our teams and a foundation on which we will continue to build an increasingly personalised and human approach to care.

  • Well-being and development of our employees

We obtained European Top Employer certification for the first time, in recognition of the maturity of our human resources policies and their operational implementation across all of our activities.

  • Environmental footprint

The Group has also continued its efforts to limit its energy consumption, with a 13% reduction compared with 2021. The implementation of an energy transformation plan across all countries and activities will continue this reduction over the coming years, bringing it to 30% by 2026, hand in hand with a significant increase in the share of renewable energy in the Group’s energy mix.

Discover the new 2024-2026 CSR roadmap

2024 – A landmark year for the transformation and renewal of the Group

In 2024, the Group will continue to focus on the balanced development of its performance and on maintaining a high level of quality in all its activities, in line with the At your side corporate project.

Clariane also focused on implementing its plan to strengthen its financial structure around its three main activities: care homes, healthcare facilities and services, and shared living solutions.

And the entire Clariane community remains as committed as ever to our common purpose: “Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability”.