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The Group’s historical activity since 2003, medical accommodation in care homes is intended for elderly people who have permanently lost their independence; it is offered in the form of short stays and, increasingly, day care. Clariane’s expertise ensures that its care homes are protected and tailored to each situation, making them places of conviviality and sharing.

In its 662 care homes in six European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands), Clariane supports 90,000 residents each year. Dedicated to the elderly and situations of great dependency, in particular cognitive dependency (Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders), these Group facilities offer permanent stays, short-term stays, and day care services. Rooted in the regions where they are located, the Clariane Group’s care homes work in close collaboration with the local health and social ecosystem.

The work of care professionals, particularly when they are supporting fragile or vulnerable people, is deeply human.

Sophie Boissard CEO

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  • 662


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  • 62%

    of the Group’s total turnover (as of 31 December 2023)


Three underlying trends confirm the growing need for services dedicated to the elderly and vulnerable individuals. As a key player in a European market, Clariane works to provide effective responses to the epidemiological and demographic challenges of our time. 

  • Accelerated ageing of the population: the number of people over the age of 65 in Europe will increase by 20% by 2030, when they will account for 24% of the population (one out of four people), compared with 21% (one out of five people) today. The population aged 80 and over will double by 2050, reaching 10% of the total population. 
  • The development of chronic diseases: in Europe, 45 million people aged 65 and over have one or two chronic diseases (Source: OECD - Health Statistics 2020, Focus on EU-28)
  • Dependency is on the rise: at the same time, situations of temporary or long-term dependency will increase by 40%. According to INSEE, by 2027, France, Italy and Germany will have 2 million more dependent elderly people than today. 

Clariane’s care home activity in Europe

A French Group when it was founded in 2003, Clariane rapidly expanded its care home activities and care expertise in Europe through acquisitions in Italy and Germany in 2007, Belgium in 2013, Spain and the Netherlands in 2019. The Group currently has 662 care homes in Europe.

Clariane in Europe

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A French group founded in 2003, Clariane has rapidly expanded its activities in Europe, with acquisitions in Italy and Germany in 2007, Belgium in 2013, Spain and the Netherlands in 2019.

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