Update on the Covid-19 health crisis and quarterly financial reporting for Q1 2020

Clariane Group

> Drastic measures, starting at the end of February, to protect residents, patients and employees
- Implementing the Vigilance Epidémie plan which involved strict barrier measures (washing, protective equipment, regulating then suspending visits), ahead of local health authorities’ instructions to do so
- Sourcing critical equipment, medicine and other supplies at a time when suppliers around
the world were under intense pressure
- Strengthening IT networks to provide more channels for communication between facilities
and families, and for all the support function teams to work from home
- Appointing a Covid committee, bringing together experts and other qualified individuals, and chaired by Dr Françoise Weber

> Enlisting the network throughout Europe to push back against the pandemic
- Bolstering the teams working alongside residents, patients and families at each site, and providing massive support (hiring some 3,700 people since 1 March) to help out in the geographies that have been hit the hardest by the epidemic
- Close cooperation between the Group’s healthcare and medical welfare activities, in particular to set aside capacity to take in Covid-19 patients from hospitals in 50 Group
facilities across Europe
- Keeping residents, patients and their families in touch, with digital communication solutions at each site (a proprietary social network, videoconferencing, etc.)

> Ongoing network adaptation to cope with Covid-19 over the long run
- Protecting: continuing to apply the Vigilance Epidémie plan’s barrier measures, even when there are no visible epidemic-related risks
- Screening: screening campaigns in facilities, covering residents, patients and employees
- Isolating: sectorising facilities or placing each newly identified case in home quarantine
- Connecting: Introducing protocols enabling families and friends to resume visits safely

> Solidarity with all stakeholders
- Exceptional bonuses for employees involved in efforts to deal with the pandemic
- A €1 million Covid-19 Solidarity fund to fuel research against Covid-19 and support caregivers and their families, principally funded by contributions from the Group’s
- Allocating 25% of the Chief Executive Officer’s 2020 compensation and 25% of the that of
the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors to the Covid Solidarity fund

> Q1 2020 revenue of €941.6 million, up 8.0% year-on-year, representing organic growth, due to the limited effects of the Covid-19 crisis at end-March
- The Covid-19 pandemic has affected different parts of the European network in different ways and in a gradual manner. The impact on business has been more significant in Italy, where the epidemic broke out earlier, and due to the limitations on healthcare activities
- Diversification into medical and home care services continued, reinforcing the resilience of all the Group’s activities

> Withdrawal of the proposal to pay a dividend in respect of 2019 earnings

> 2020 guidance suspended due to the general situation and its impact on the Group’s activities in its various geographies

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