2023 results

Clariane Group


2023 financial targets achieved:
o Organic revenue growth of 8.4%
o EBITDA excluding IFRS 16 slightly higher at €614 million
o Leverage of 3.8x, in line with revised targets, with a LTV at 61%

All 2023 ESG targets achieved or exceeded: an NPS of +44 (up 8 points relative to 2022) and 12% of employees taking part in qualifying paths as part of their career development

Refinancing Plan well underway:
o AMF exemption granted to Predica
o First tranche of asset disposals completed, raising €268 million, a quarter of the
target under the disposal plan

Net income from continuing operations, excluding IFRS 16 and asset impairment*, was breake-ven. The Group’s share of net profit was a loss of €63m.

The full 2023 financial statements* are presented in the appendix to this press release.

In millions of euros – 2022 2023 Reported growth Organic growth
Revenue 4,534 5,047 +11.4% +8.4%
EBITDAR excluding IFRS 16 1,091 1,127 + 3.3%  
EBITDA excluding IFRS 16 607 614 + 1.1%  
EBITDA including IFRS 16 1,003 1,021 + 1.8%  
Net result from continuing
operations excluding IFRS 16
67 -49    
Net result from continuing operations excluding IFRS 16 and
excluding asset impairment**
67 2    
Net profit - Group share excluding
52 -63    
Operating free cash flow excluding
371 191    

*The consolidated audited financial statements for 2023 were approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting of 28th February 2024. The Statutory Auditors will be issuing a report with unconditional certification within the coming days. The consolidated financial statements were prepared in accordance with the IFRS 16 standard. For purposes of comparability, the financial information below is presented excluding the application of IFRS 16.
**Impairment related to asset disposals (United Kingdom and Netherlands) and other impairment (Italy and Spain) amounting to €60 million, net of tax (benefit of €9 million).

As the leverage ratio was greater than 3.5x at 31 December 2023, the Group will not pay a dividend in respect of 2023, in accordance with the clauses of the unsecured syndicated loan agreement.

Sophie Boissard, CEO of Clariane, said:

“In 2023, we once again delivered strong operational performance in market conditions that were made more difficult by persistent inflation and, in Germany, by delays in implementing the new regulatory framework, which adversely affected our margins. Against this backdrop, all our businesses and all our geographical regions are nonetheless enjoying positive momentum in terms of volumes and prices. I would like to highlight the outstanding dedication shown by the 70,000 professionals who make up the Clariane community, who cared for around 900,000 patients and residents in 2023 in our facilities and in their homes, and whose efforts are acknowledged by constantly increasing quality indicators. We exceeded all of our ESG targets, which were defined in 2019 and increased as part of the process of adopting purpose-driven company status, and particularly our main targets regarding quality, training and recruitment, skills development and the occupational health and safety of our staff members.

In financial terms, access to funding became much tougher as a result of industry conditions and, combined with higher interest rates, this led the Group in November 2023 to embark on a plan to strengthen its financial position by raising €1.5 billion. The first two parts of that plan – forming two real-estate partnerships and securing real-estate credit facilities – were completed by the end of 2023. The Group is now focused on carrying out a €300 million capital increase, which will be put to shareholders in the 26 March 2024 general meeting of shareholders, and on completing asset disposals, with two initial transaction, announced today, involving all of our UK business for a total amount of €268 million, representing a quarter of the amount we intend to raise from disposals. The plan – made possible in particular by the support of our main shareholder Crédit Agricole Assurances, which I would like to thank for its long-term commitment to the Group – should enable us to bring our gearing below 3x by the end of 2025 and get back on track in terms of delivering ongoing growth and creating value for our stakeholders.

2024 will be an important transitional year for the Group, in which we will focus more than ever on the quality and performance of our operations, as well as on the completion of our Refinancing Plan. The dedication of our staff members and good momentum in our various business segments and geographies mean that we can look ahead to the coming year with confidence.”

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