The solidarity fund: a way of supporting our employees facing difficulties

Clariane Group

Being a purpose-driven company means confirming our social and environmental commitment, in concrete terms and on a daily basis. To give full meaning to our purpose “Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability”, we have made five commitments to all our stakeholders: consideration, fairness, sustainability, locality and innovation. Each commitment is illustrated by concrete initiatives. The creation of solidarity funds for employees is one of them.

Clariane adopted its status as a purpose-driven company on 15 June 2023. At that time, we made five commitments to all our stakeholders: consideration, fairness, sustainability, locality and innovation,. One of the HR initiatives was to create a solidarity fund.

Nadège Plou Clariane’s HR Director for France and President of the Solidarity Fund Management Association

Providing support in emergency situations for all our employees in France

Following the creation of a corporate university enabling at least 6,000 employees  in Europe to take a diploma course every year, Clariane has committed to setting up solidarity funds in the main countries where the Group operates to help employees facing personal difficulties.

In France, we set up the solidarity fund as early as October 2023 to help our employees facing emergency situations. This approach is voluntary and is not required within any statutory, regulatory or contractual provision.

For example, we were able to provide emergency assistance to a woman who had to leave her home. In less than three hours, we were able to find a way for her to find shelter.

Djamila Braimah ASDE (State-Registered Nursing Assistant) Training Coordinator, elected member of Clariane’s CSEC

Five types of support for emergency situations

This solidarity fund has been set up as part of an association and is managed collectively. Run by Clariane France’s social care department, it is designed to respond to the issues that employees may encounter in five areas.

  • Accommodation emergency, in particular to cover the costs of the first nights in a hotel for victims of domestic violence who need to leave their home quickly.
  • Food aid emergency, through the allocation of food vouchers for employees experiencing temporary financial difficulties.
  • Mobility emergency, by assisting with vehicle repairs when the vehicle is essential for commuting.
  • Funeral support, to supplement insurance cover in the event of the death of an employee or their spouse/child.
  • Support for socially vulnerable staff, with CESU made available, on the basis of a review by the staff social care department and according to defined criteria, for a range of purposes: cancer support, carer employees, disability, etc.

Since the programme was launched, 264 employees have received support.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much, just being there alongside our employees at the right time, to prevent a situation from deteriorating.

Alexandre Chevalier Manager of an Inicea facility, member of the solidarity fund management association