Developing synergies between our three pillars of activity

As the number of vulnerable people in Europe increases, so does the need to better accommodate them. To respond to everyone’s desire to take care of themselves throughout their lives, and then to age at home or somewhere they “feel at home”, Clariane is developing alternative models and expanding its range of services.

At the same time, the Group is accelerating the development of new personalised care, healthcare and hospitality solutions.

  • Care homes are dedicated to situations of vulnerability related to old age, dependency and cognitive disorders; they are also intended to provide relief to informal carers. They welcome residents for residential care, and increasingly for day care.
  • Healthcare facilities and services provide medical, post-acute & rehabilitation care, specialised care in the area of mental health for example, intensive home care and community nursing services, as well as prevention & diagnosis outpatient programmes.
  • Alternative living solutions cover domiciliary care, shared living houses, and service residences; they respond to the desire of senior citizens to be able to stay in their own homes or somewhere they “feel at home” for as long as possible.

Our various structures operate as a network of proximity and support and work in synergy with public hospital facilities and the nursing staff in the community.

Our medium-term objective is to have balanced activities between healthcare on the one hand, home care on the other, and specialised long-stay care facilities oriented towards cognitive dependency, in each of the living areas where we operate

Sophie Boissard CEO General Meeting, June 2022

Our activities

Drawing from its know-how relating to the quality of care, human resources management and medical expertise, Clariane has three complementary areas of activity: care homes, healthcare facilities and services, and alternative living solutions.

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