Etienne Caniard

Former Chairman of Mutualité Française and former member of Haute Autorité de santé (HAS, France’s Health Authority)

Considered a highly respected figure in the health world, Mr Etienne Caniard is the author of the book “Mieux soignés demain !” (“Better care tomorrow!”) and several reports to the government on the French health system.

From 1991 to 1998, Mr Etienne Caniard is a member of the French Public Health Council (Haut Conseil de la santé publique), where he chaired the health-prevention commission of the French National Health Insurance Fund for Employees (Caisse nationale de l'assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés).

At the same time, he was a director of the National Federation of French Mutual Insurers (Fédération nationale de la Mutualité Française (FNMF), and in 1996 he was appointed director in charge of health and social security issues. He led the various discussions within the mutualist movement and acted as an interface with other healthcare stakeholders in view of the 2004 health insurance reform.

In 1997, he was appointed expert to the World Health Organisation-Europe (WHO Europe), and from 1999 to 2010, he was a member of the Economic and Social Council, which became the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) in 2008, where he represented the French Mutuality (Mutualité Française).

In 2000, Mr Etienne Caniard became President of the Future Foundation for Applied Medical Research (Fondation de l’avenir pour la recherche médicale appliquée) before becoming Vice-President of the National Observatory of Clinical Ethics (Observatoire national d’éthique clinique) until 2005. In 2004, he also joined the college of the French National Authority for Health (Haute Autorité de santé (HAS), in charge of the quality and dissemination of medical information, a position he held until his election as President of the French Mutuality in 2010.

Finally, from 2012 to 2013, he was a qualified member of the High Council for the Financing of Social Protection (Haut Conseil pour le financement de la protection sociale). He is also an Officer of the Legion of Honour and a Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit.

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