Minutes of the annual General Meeting of 22 June 2022

Clariane Group

Korian's Annual General Meeting was held on 22 June 2022. It was chaired by Jean-Pierre Duprieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in attendance of Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Garin, Chief Financial Officer, members of the Board of Directors, and the Statutory Auditors. It was broadcast live on the website www.korian.com.

Quality of care, Human Resources and CSR policy, the focus of shareholder dialogue
Mr. Jean-Pierre Duprieu detailed the importance that Korian accords to an open and constructive shareholder dialogue, with a particular focus on the dialogue held in 2021. He described the regular exchanges with shareholders, both at the level of the Board of Directors and with the management teams.
In particular, the Group has been engaged since 2021 in an in-depth dialogue with a group of investors, members of the Investor Initiative for Responsible Care. The aim of this dialogue is to strengthen the Company's commitments in terms of transparency, the quality of care and its measurement, working conditions and the involvement of the main stakeholders in governance.
The General Meeting was the opportunity for Sycomore Asset Management, coordinating this group of shareholders and represented by Ms. Sara Carvalho, ISR analyst, to publicly pose a number of questions to Dr. Didier Armaingaud, Korian's Chief Medical, Ethics and Quality Officer and Mr. Rémi Boyer, Chief Human Resources and CSR Officer.
In addition to this exchange, Dr Françoise Weber, President of the French Stakeholder Council, presented the work carried out by this body since 2019.
Adoption of the transformation into a European company and confirmation of the project to transform into a mission led company
The General Meeting adopted the transformation of Korian into a European company. This new legal structure, consistent with the Group's European roots, aims to promote enhanced social dialogue at the European level on subjects of shared interest, such as care initiatives and human resources policies. It reinforces the Group's European identity.
Korian has also confirmed its intention to adopt, at the end of the next General Meeting, the status of a mission led company. This transformation will require the inclusion of the mission in the company's articles of association, as well as the inclusion of its main stakeholders in the company’s governance, through a dedicated committee.
With this in mind, Sophie Boissard described the consultation process already underway with the various stakeholders in the main countries where Korian operates.

Solid governance to prepare for the future
The shareholders approved the renewal of the terms of office of Mr. Jean-Pierre Duprieu, Ms. Anne Lalou and Dr. Jean-François Brin as directors for a period of three years. At the Board meeting held directly following the General Meeting, Mr. Jean-Pierre Duprieu was reappointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The General Meeting also approved the appointment of a new director, Mr Philippe Lévêque, whose presence will strengthen the Board's expertise in ESG policy and stakeholder dialogue. At the Board meeting held directly following the General Meeting, Mr. Philippe Lévêque was appointed Chairman of the Ethics, Quality and CSR Committee.

Participation in the General Meeting and record-keeping of decisions taken
At this General Meeting, 66,467,092 shares and an identical number of exercisable voting rights were represented out of a total of 103,275,470 shares, i.e. 64.36% of the capital.
The General Meeting adopted 33 resolutions out of the 34 resolutions submitted to its vote.
The full voting results will be available on the website www.korian.com.
The General Meeting was also broadcast live via webcast and will be available in the investors section of Korian.com.

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