Adopting the status of a purpose-driven company

On 15 June 2023, Clariane became a société à mission (purpose-driven company) (Art. 176 of the Pacte Act of May 2019 in France) by vote of the General Meeting of shareholders. This was the result of a long process of reflection and attentive consultation with Clariane’s stakeholders; it was also a fundamental step in the company’s transformation that confirmed its commitment to society and the environment.

To achieve our mission, carried out against a backdrop of demographic transition, increasing chronic illnesses, tension on the job market and reduced access to care, the Clariane Group is committed to providing innovative responses to meet society’s expectations. By becoming a purpose-led company, Clariane has chosen to make its contribution to the common good both public and enforceable, by including it in its articles of association.

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Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability

This transformation has allowed Clariane to:

  • have a status in line with its actual values and actions,
  • build trust and align all stakeholders in a sustainable way,
  • assert its standing as a “European Company” providing care for vulnerable individuals,
  • strengthen its reputation by reaffirming the company’s attentiveness to the general interest and by providing coherent and legitimate proof of the company’s usefulness,  
  • develop its attractiveness through a strong employer brand.

This collective project, to which the Group is committed over the long term, is a source of pride for the 60,000 Clariane employees, who are involved every day alongside patients, residents and informal carers, to improve care, healthcare and quality of life for everyone.


2 At the AGM in June 2022, Korian changed its status from a French limited company to a European Company

Our commitments

Clariane, a committed and responsible community that deploys social and environmental practices in line with society’s expectations.

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