“La Voix des Soignants”, the new podcast from the Clariane Foundation “Aimer soigner” (“Enjoy caring”), giving a voice to carers!


Podcast soignant

In collaboration with the association Partage de Voix, the Clariane Foundation “Aimer soigner” has launched a new series of podcasts “La Voix des Soignants” (“The Voice of Caregivers”). Through this podcast, the Clariane Foundation wants to depict the variety of care professions and the wealth of backgrounds within the company by giving the microphone to caregivers wishing to share their experience.

A bi-monthly podcast giving a voice to caregivers!

To create this podcast, documentary filmmaker Sophie Pillods and sound engineer Agnès Mathon spent two days immersed in four of our Clariane sites in France to hear from caregivers in:

And three Inicea healthcare facilities:

  • A medical, post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic
  • A mental health facility
  • An intensive home care facility

Working day and night alongside residents and patients, the caregivers reveal their stories. Over the course of six immersive episodes, we discover their daily lives, the different sides of their jobs, their life stories and what led them to work in the care sector, looking after fragile people.

Each episode shines the spotlight on one or more of these fascinating professions through the eyes of committed caregivers: personal care assistants, nurses, doctors, psychologists etc.

Come and discover the world of care!

La Voix des Soignants, a podcast you can listen to on your preferred platform! …

Topics and broadcast dates for “La Voix des Soignants” (listening in French):

What could be more important than giving a voice to caregivers at a time when there is a loss of interest for the profession? Through these podcasts, we want to help everyone discover the human wealth in the world of care and inspire people to join the profession.

Marie-Anne Fourrier General Delegate of the Clariane Foundation