Clariane Innovation Days: two days exploring the world of robotic and exoskeleton-assisted gait rehabilitation

Clariane Group

On 4 and 5 April 2024, Clariane held its first Innovation Days in Biarritz and Cambo-les-Bains in the southwest of France, focusing on neurological gait rehabilitation assisted by robotics and exoskeletons. Led and supported by the Group’s Medical Strategy and Healthcare Innovation Department and the Clariane Innovation Hub, the event brought together healthcare professionals from our SMR* facilities in France, Spain and Italy, rehabilitation specialists and neurologists, as well as experts and engineers. Discover all about our Innovation Days as if you were there!

*SMR: Medical, post-acute and rehabilitation care

When health innovation meets technological innovation

Supported by Clariane’s medical departments in France, Spain and Italy, the Innovation Days brought together our MPR (physical and rehabilitative medicine) community specialising in neurology from Inicea, Korian Sanita and Grupo5CIAN. Various representatives from healthcare facilities in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region were also present.

More than a symposium or a conference, this was a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, and provided an opportunity to link local initiatives with the latest scientific recommendations on locomotor therapies.

Innovation and collaboration are the keys to better care.

Antoine Piau Medical, Ethics and Health Innovation Director for the Clariane Group

The event took place over two days:

1. In Biarritz, on 4 April

  • A scientific seminar with leading medical experts and researchers. Topics covered included: “The challenges of gait rehabilitation in patients”, “Cerebral plasticity after a stroke”, “Robotics in neurorehabilitation”, “The use of exoskeletons in the acute post-stroke phase” and “Robotic rehabilitation and spasticity after a stroke”.
  • A presentation of the robotics adventure of Dr. Gery Colombo (founder of HOCOMA) and Dr. Nicolas Simon (co-founder of de Wandercraft).
  • A time for philosophical reflection on the relationship between time and innovation, with Dr Stéphane Mouchabac (Neuroscience Department, AP-HP).
La communauté médicale de Clariane représentée par Miguel Simón Expósito et Antoni Grau Touriño, directeurs médicaux Clariane Espagne, Fariba Kabirian, directrice médicale Clariane France et Luca Munari, directeur médical Clariane Italie

2. At the SMR Marienia – Inicea clinic (Cambo-les-Bains), on 4 and 5 April

  • A two-morning session of dynamic workshops to demonstrate and test the exoskeltons: EksoNR (Eksobionics), Lokomat (Hocoma) and Atalante (Wandercraft).
De gauche à droite : les exosquelettes EksoNR, Lokomat et Atalante

The Clariane Innovation Days were a great example of synergies and sharing experiences within the Clariane Group’s innovation community. We innovate every day to improve the quality of care for our patients.

Samya Benjelloun Touimi Head of Innovation and Partnerships for the Clariane Group

Developing an innovative approach to the patient-centred care pathway using cutting edge locomotor rehabilitation technology: exoskeletons

Exoskeletons are innovative technological devices designed to support and enhance the physical capabilities of individuals after a life-threatening accident or acute medical episode such as a stroke. These tools are essential for gait rehabilitation for patients with severe mobility impairments.

They are genuine exercise assistants, enabling patients to repeatedly perform walking movements, resulting in faster recovery and improved quality of gait.

The Group is continuing to roll out these new rehabilitation tools across all of its specialised healthcare facilities in Europe, to provide an approach to care that is increasingly personalised and tailored to each patient.

Knowledge of the specific features of these innovations is necessary to identify the most appropriate technologies. This meeting between healthcare professionals, designers, distributors and people working in the field has given us a better understanding of how exoskeletons can be integrated into our clinical practices.

Michel Bégué Physical and rehabilitative medicine, Marienia – Inicea clinic