Transcript of the video

Text transcription


We don’t come into the world as superheroes.
We are born human, vulnerable and fragile
We all can be wounded, even those who are exceptional
But what makes the basis of our humanity
Is taking care of each other, in times of vulnerability.

Taking care is seeing further than just health.
Careseekers, it’s about being there, giving our best.
This isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being ourselves,
Supportive in every gesture, with solidarity and respect.

It is promoting all those who help, paying attention to all their different needs
Making every man and woman proud and committed,
We all deserve to be trusted
So we have designed a human model, where fairness always takes the lead

We innovate to overcome life’s unexpected events
Because we know that taking care means taking the initiative
When it comes to health, we cannot be passive.

We fit with to the needs of each community
Where our behaviors respect their values, their history
Humble, sustainable, we are responsible, this is mandatory.

Adapting to people is what we do, not something we declare
Beyond medication, we offer “Positive Care”
It’s a superpower with no need for armor or cape
It is standing at your side, all the way, step by step
It’s our legacy, a commitment with no end
Embodied by our community: Clariane.