Rolling out a new corporate project: “at your side”

In continuity with the “In caring hands” corporate project conducted since 2019, and after consulting with its stakeholders, Clariane has chosen to deploy a new ambitious corporate project called “AT YOUR SIDE” from 2023 to 2026.

It is based on a common mission – “Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability” – and three priorities:

  • Strengthening our fundamentals: the development of the Group’s three activities is the result of our know-how in terms of quality of care, human resources management, and medical expertise. Continuing to strengthen these fundamentals is a key priority. We also aim to continue to guarantee excellence in care throughout the Group, ensure that 50% of our recruitment is internal by 2025, and strengthen the coordination of our areas of medical expertise, which are a source of innovation and enable best practices to be shared at European level. 
  • Accelerating the development of outpatient and home care solutions: in order to keep up with rapidly changing home care needs, Clariane is enhancing its services in its three areas of activity: by increasing outpatient capacities for its healthcare activities, deploying its unique concepts of shared accommodation and home care services, and opening up its long-term care facilities to the outside world (with day care).
  • Building trust and ensuring full alignment with stakeholders: the specificities of our activities require that we maintain a high level of trust with all our stakeholders. Clariane will thus become a purpose-led company. The status of a purpose-led company will allow us to align our social and environmental objectives with our business model while putting in place an independent Mission Committee that will verify that our mission is fulfilled and will accompany us in our transformation.