Moira Allan

Co-founder and international coordinator of the NGO "Pass It On"

Graduated from the University of South Africa and the University of Paris 8, Mrs Moira Allan began her career as a journalist at the Springs Advertiser and later as a Property Editor with The Star newspaper, in South Africa.

In 1970, she became Managing Director at WD&F Promotions, specialising in French companies established in South Africa such as Guerlain, Cycles Peugeot or Télémecanique (Schlumberger), and then Director of Gimac Santé au Travail until 2014, in France.

Based on her experience in the health sphere, in 2013 she founded the Pass It On Network, a forum for innovators of programmes supporting active and positive ageing.

From 2015 to 2017, she was a consultant at M L Allan Consulting. In this role, she connects programme innovators with commercial investors and provided coaching for companies. She joined WK Wilton & Associates as Associate Director Global Resources in 2019.

Since 2017, she also hosts a virtual summit “Age Without Borders” where more than 50 global experts talk about the future and choices for people over 50.

Ms Moira Allan is co-founder and international coordinator of the NGO « Pass it on » as well as Board member of the OLD’UP association and its representative for international organisations (UN, Age platform, Eurag, etc). 

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