Federico Guidoni

Executive Vice President Italy

Federico Guidoni is graduated in law from the University of Siena. He also has a Masters in Health Management from Bocconi University Business School (SDA Bocconi), Milan. After a legal experience in a renowned law firm in Siena, Federico Giudoni joined the Segesta Group in the financial department. Following the acquisition of the Segesta Group by Clariane, he was appointed Management Controller in 2007, then Director of Financial Control and Development in 2010.

In 2016, he joined the management committee of Clariane Italy. In 2017, he became Chief Financial Officer, until 2019, when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Clariane Italy. Its main mission is to develop the network of services and facilities as close as possible to the territories in Italy and to enrich the portfolio of services, with an emphasis on quality, innovation, CSR issues, in line with the strategic line of the Clariane Group.

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