Catia Piantoni

President of the Clariane Women’s Club

Graduated with a degree in Social Service Science from the University of Trieste and with an executive master’s in Business Management in the Health Sector from Bocconi University in Milan, Mrs Catia Pantoni began her career in 1979 as Director of Social Services at the municipality of Orzinuovi, Italy.

She then joined the Clariane Group in 1999 and held various positions in Italy such as Director of Establishments, Director of the Segesta2000 Training Centrer and Crisis Coordinator. She also held the position of General Manager of Group Companies (Aurea Salus, Elia Domus, Segesta gestioni, Segesta2000, Villa delle Terme) and Operational Management Director at Clariane Italia.

Since April 2021, Mrs Catia Pantoni is President of the Women's Club Clariane Group and the Women's Club Italy.

She represents the woman community of Clariane. 

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