Korian networks mobilize to better understand and support Alzheimer's disease in Europe

Care homes

Across Europe, Korian networks provide day-to-day support for many patients and residents suffering from Alzheimer's disease or related disorders.
In line with the Clariane Group's mission to care for the humanity of each individual in moments of fragility, the Korian networks have made it their priority to support people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and their families. In particular, they have developed special facilities for them in care homes across Europe.

Dedicated care for Alzheimer's sufferers...
Alzheimer's disease is characterized by a progressive loss of memory and certain cognitive functions, with repercussions on activities of daily living. Nearly 10 million people in Europe suffer from Alzheimer's or related diseases, and the number of sufferers is expected to double by 2050. 
The network of nursing homes for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease or related disorders operates in seven European countries, and has set up specific facilities for this type of resident.  It has 376 Protected Living Units (UVP), representing 8,353 beds. In France, the Korian network has added 32 day care centers (189 places) and 38 adapted activity and care centers (PASA) (568 places), thanks to the Alzheimers and Alzheimer's plans.

...but not only: Positive Care, a virtuous therapeutic project for all.
This global approach aims to put the individual, in all his or her uniqueness, back at the center of the interventions of caregivers and other support professionals. Positive Care refers in particular to Tom Kitwood's approach, according to which behaviors due to illness or disability must never overshadow the fundamental needs of the individual. It involves residents and patients, their families and teams of professionals, and is based on 5 principles: ethical questioning, systematic personalization of care, information, integration and support for families, expertise and training for caregivers, personalization of the environment.

Non-drug therapies at the heart of the response 
Positive Care also relies on non-medication therapies (NMT), which aim to maintain and stimulate the resident's physical, motor and cognitive abilities. These therapies are particularly well suited to residents suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, for which the search for effective drug treatments is still underway. This approach also helps limit the iatrogenic effects of prescribing psychotropic drugs.

Medical-scientific partnerships 
Korian leads medical partnerships on Alzheimer's disease, thanks in particular to the support of two renowned experts: Bruno Dubois and Kevin Charras.
Bruno Dubois is a neurologist, Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University and member of the French National Academy of Medicine. He is preparing an awareness-raising program on the disease and its accompaniment, aimed at residents' families and caregivers.
Kevin Charras holds a doctorate in environmental psychology, specializing in psychosocial and environmental interventions for people with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.
In addition, Clariane is a partner of the Non-Pharmacological Interventions Society (NPIS), a non-profit, general-interest learned society chaired by Professor Grégory Ninot, which aims to use science to accelerate the integration of non-medicinal interventions (NMIs) into individual care and health paths.

According to Antoine Piau, Medical Director, Ethics and Health Innovation for the Clariane Group: "Alzheimer's disease is a predominant topic in Korian network establishments, but also in society as a whole. As a company with a mission, we are working today, within an ecosystem of experts, on a European, national and local scale to better understand and support this pathology."


In the context of World Alzheimer's Day (September 21, 2023), Korian and all Clariane Group companies are mobilizing on a local, national and European scale, through various actions aimed at residents, their families, as well as its teams. 

On September 20, 2023, Professor Bruno Dubois and Professor Antoine Piau hosted the inaugural "Alzheimer's disease, let's talk about it!" conference, to mark the launch of the Clariane Group's Alzheimer's program for family caregivers and teams throughout Europe (videos in French and English available on the Clariane.com website). 

In France, during the week of September 18 to 24, Korian care homes will be offering a number of events (conferences led by experts, meetings between caregivers, fun workshops followed by a snack, meetings between care home professionals, etc.) to contribute to a better understanding of Alzheimer's disease, share support solutions and strengthen links between caregivers, residents and professionals.

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