Korian certified Top Employer 2023 in France, Germany, Belgium and Italia

Clariane Group

The Korian Group receives the distinction "Top Employer in 2023" for its four main countries: Germany for the 3rd consecutive year, France for the 2nd consecutive year, Belgium and Italy for the 1st time. These 4 countries employ a total of more than 90% of the group's employees.

In Germany, Korian obtains its third labeling, with notably a better rating in the categories shape, attract, develop and engage.
In France, Korian obtained this year an overall score of nearly 75%. The results have increased in all six major areas of HR practices (steering, organizing, attracting, developing, engaging and bringing together) covering a total of 20 themes.
In Belgium and Italy, Korian is certified Top Employer for the first time, with overall scores of over 65%.

As a reminder, Top Employer is an international certification based on a 350 best HR practices questionnaire and 20 themes that analyze in depth the quality of the company's HR processes. Top Employer is itself audited by an independent third-party organization.
The Top Employers Institute is the international authority that certifies the excellence of HR practices. Created more than 30 years ago, it has certified more than 1,857 organizations in 123 countries.

For Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian Group: "Obtaining these additional Top Employer certifications is a fine recognition of the in-depth work undertaken since 2019 as part of our “In Caring Hands” corporate project, by HR teams and employee representative institutions to support our sites on a daily basis in recruitment, training and occupational health and safety policies, to build degree courses with the Korian Academies and to promote quality social dialogue. In 2023, in view of our transformation into a purpose driven company, we will further increase our efforts and we hope to be the first company in the sector to obtain the European Top Employer certification".

Rémi Boyer, Director of Human Resources for the Korian Group, emphasizes: "For several years, in order to respond to the shortage of nursing and service personnel throughout Europe, Korian has been investing in its own training programs, which now benefit more than 6,000 employees, or nearly 11% of our workforce. The certification recognizes our investment to become the employer of reference in our sector and the improvement of our HR processes, thanks in particular to the ISO 9001 standardization, deployed in all the Group's sites".

Korian is the first company in the elderly care sector to receive Top Employer certification in France, Germany and Belgium.

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