Doctor Didier Armaingaud appointed Director of “Clariane Compétences”

Clariane Group


Currently the Group’s Medical, Ethics and Service Quality Director, Doctor Didier Armaingaud will take over the management of Clariane Compétences on September 1, 2023.

A newly-created entity within the Group’s Human Resources Department, Clariane Compétences will be responsible for supervising and leading the network of Clariane Corporate Universities, which will be set up as part of the 10 mission commitments made by the Group.

The new Clariane Compétences Department is in line with the Korian Academies that have existed until now in the Group's countries. Its aim is to work with the Group's many professions to develop the skills of its teams to meet the evolving needs of residents and patients, and it will develop career paths for everyone on an ongoing basis, in line with one of the central mission commitments defined by the Group and in continuity with the results already achieved (11,8% of the Group's workforce on qualifying career paths by the end of 2022). Clariane Compétences will supervise the "business academies" (care, service, management) within the Clariane universities, and lead the network of internal and external trainers. Finally, she will ensure that the best teaching techniques are used to reinforce the quality of training as close to the field as possible.

Didier Armaingaud holds a doctorate in medicine and a degree in geriatrics and gerontology. He began his career at the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris, where he was in charge of the La Collégiale geriatric hospital. After serving as Medica's Medical Director from 1998, he was in charge of Korian France's Ethics, Medical, Quality and Regulations Department. Since 2016, he has headed the Group's Ethics, Medical and Service Quality Department, within which he has notably deployed the "Positive Care" approach as well as quality certification.

In parallel, Didier Armaingaud has also held a number of teaching positions at various nursing training institutes (IFSI), at Université Paris Descartes, Université Cochin-Port-Royal and Université Paris 6-UPMC, Hôpital Charles Foix for the Diplôme Inter Universitaire de Médecin Coordonnateur en EHPAD.  He is the author of “Tant de choses à vivre ensemble”.

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