Clariane launches its “Innovation Days” on the theme of gait rehabilitation assisted by robotics and exoskeletons

Clariane Group


To meet demographic and epidemiological challenges, Clariane is deploying an open innovation strategy with an ecosystem of expert partners.
The "Innovations days" 2024, held on April 4 and 5 in Biarritz-Cambo les Bains (64), will enable Clariane to bring together numerous specialists on the theme of gait rehabilitation, assisted by robotics and exoskeletons in neurology.

Clariane places innovation at the heart of its strategy, in response to its raison d'être: To care for the humanity of each individual in moments of fragility. Two dimensions in particular are addressed:healthcare innovation, which covers all care paths in geriatrics, rehabilitation and mental health, andtechnological innovation, which enables the development of solutions that help maintain function, enhance resident and patient safety, improve employees' quality of life at work, and promote sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.  

With Innovations Days 2024, Clariane is offering representatives of its teams an opportunity to share knowledge and know-how. Mainly located in Spain, France and Italy, the Clariane Group's 276 healthcare establishments welcomed more than 700,000 patients in 2023, with a particular focus on two areas of expertise: medical and rehabilitation care (SMR), covering a wide range of specialties and pathologies for adults and children, and mental health.)

These days will also provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of robotic gait rehabilitation, including :

  • workshops for demonstrating and testing different exoskeletons at the Clinique Inicea Marienia in Cambo les Bains;
  • a scientific seminar featuring international experts and engineers;
  • a time for philosophical reflection on the relationship between time and innovation, with Dr Stéphane Mouchabac (neuroscience department, AP-HP).

Professor Antoine Piau, Clariane Group's Medical, Ethics and Healthcare Innovation Director, comments: "For these first Clariane Innovations Days, we have chosen a special format that links local initiatives with renowned scientific experts. We are convinced that, to advance healthcare, innovation must take place as close as possible to professionals in the field and to patients, in order to systematically and tirelessly take into account their feedback, otherwise the objective will be missed."

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