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Our values are a source of inspiration for the Clariane community. This year, once again, our employees will be celebrating our three values loud and proud during the month of June. This will take the form of special moments of interaction, which we want to share with you.

Our values of trust, responsibility and initiative apply as much during this month of June as they do throughout the year and across Europe. Our values are the foundation of the different professions of our 60,000 employees. They inspire us every day and guide our attitudes towards our patients and their loved ones, and towards each other too. Our mission statement, “To take care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability”, is concrete proof of this: it unites our Clariane community behind one and the same ambition.

Values Month is underway across Europe!

“Vis ma vie” (“A Day in The Life”): Head Office staff experience immersion in their facilities

In all the Group’s countries, our employees are carrying out various initiatives, led by their Values Ambassadors

With “Vis ma vie”, employees at the Clariane France head offices will spend a day discovering the daily life of a professional working in our Korian care homes or Inicea clinics. Roles included cooks, technical officers or technicians, activities coordinators, receptionists, hotel service staff, waiting staff etc. 

The initiative, which runs from 3 to 28 June, is in response to head office staff wanting to forge closer links with the operational teams in the field and to gain a better understanding of their day-to-day work so that they can provide them with the most appropriate support. This is a special and memorable time for sharing, giving them first-hand experience of the operational teams’ actions, expertise and commitment to our patients and residents!

This year, 35 volunteer facilities are opening their doors to welcome them.

Vis ma vie édition 2024

It’s time to play with the Values Game and the Feedback Card!

Throughout the month, Values Game sessions are being organised at the Group’s head offices and facilities in France. These sessions aim to familiarise employees with the ethical approach and add new relevant scenarios to the module.

For the second year running, Germany wanted to illustrate the Group’s values by using Feedback Cards to pay tribute to a colleague. This Card celebrates and honours our daily actions and allows us to reflect together on the values that drive our daily lives.

Susanne Olma, Head of Recruitment, and Values Ambassador: “Every member of staff who receives a feedback card feels rewarded, which strengthens team spirit.”

Germany also organises sessions of the Values Game and discussion forums to reflect on those values, put them into context and learn how best to disseminate values internally in order to strengthen the corporate culture.

Discussion forums on values

At Group level, a round table discussion will be held on 11 June on the theme “How can we be more mindful of others?”. It will be available to all Group and French staff present at the headquarter and online though a video conference.

This discussion forum will be led by Antoine Piau, Group Medical, Ethics and Healthcare Innovation Director, Agnès Pegurri, Group Quality Director, Emmanuelle Potin, General Delegate of the Clariane Foundation, Olivier Robin, Group CSR Director and Robert Rocheblave, Head of Management Programs. This will be an opportunity to discuss the culture of care from different perspectives: Positive Care, our approach to care, values-based leadership, symmetry of attention and many others!

Because working at Clariane means “Taking care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability” but also “Caring about the carers”!  

Italy will dedicate Values Month to “Responsibility” by encouraging activities related to sustainability in all its facilities.

  • Environmental sustainability: staff who so wish will be able to take part in a Plogging challenge to combine sport with protecting the environment. Plogging is a Swedish concept that mixes jogging and collecting waste.
  • Social sustainability: all facilities will be involved in food collection which will be redistributed to the nearest Food Bank.
  • Social responsibility: the organisation of a conference on the Ethics Charter to reaffirm our commitments and our values of trust, responsibility and initiative as a purpose-driven company, and to raise awareness of the Group’s values.

Photo competitions in France and Spain
These two countries have chosen to organise photo competitions with employees to illustrate both internally and externally the Group’s values. This is a joint project between head office and facility staff!

In Belgium and the Netherlands too!

In Belgium and the Netherlands, “Vis ma Vie” is a year-round programme, with every head office employee spending one day a year in a facility.

Activities focusing on values are organised at the head office and in facilities, including the “do something VALUE-able for your colleague” activity, which involves doing something for one of your colleagues that makes them feel valued and recognised.

Once again, thanks to the contribution of all our employees and the various initiatives carried out by all our countries, such as "Vis ma Vie” in France, discussion forums and game sessions, we are all reaffirming our values as a source of inspiration and a guide to behaviour in our day-to-day practice. Well done everyone, and thank you once again!

Sophie Boissard Chief Executive Officer of the Clariane Group

Focus on our Ethics Charter

This is the reference document in which our organisation officially sets out its values, ethics policy and corporate culture. It is distributed to all new employees.

Discover our Ethics Charter