Pride Month: let’s celebrate inclusion with clariane!

Clariane Group

In this month dedicated to diversity and inclusion, Clariane is proud to highlight its commitment to the inclusion of LGBT+ people.

We have always strived to create a working environment that is welcoming and respectful of all, where everyone can achieve their full potential, whatever their social background, gender or sexual orientation.

An inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees

Among our concrete actions:

  • the renewal of the membership of the L’Autre Cercle LGBT+ commitment charter, after first joining the initiative in 2018;
  • the development of an e-learning programme in France to prevent homophobic behaviour (2019);
  • the setting up of a European HR working group to organise the sharing of existing best practice and to identify common priorities (2023);
  • the editing of awareness-raising fact sheets on combating stereotypes.

Affirming equal rights and fair treatment for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, assisting and supporting employees so that they feel included, respected and valued, guaranteeing an inclusive environment in which everyone can affirm who they are without fear: these are our commitments.

Diversity is not an issue that people are preoccupied with here at Clariane. The things that matter are your skills, your integrity and what you bring to the team.

Nicolas Employee at Clariane

Clariane welcomes employees of all backgrounds