Positive Care: our way of caring

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At Clariane, our first responsibility is to ensure excellence in care, while respecting the dignity, freedom of choice and autonomy of all those we support. This is achieved through a philosophy of care – Positive Care – which considers the needs specific to each individual, in every aspect of their lives.

A translation of Clariane’s deeply humanist mission, Positive Care guides all of the Group's activities and professions. It applies as much to residents, patients and their loved ones as to Clariane’s employees, and is based on two closely linked aspects:

  • a state of mind: consider and respect each person in what makes them unique – who they are, what they want, what they are able to do;
  • concrete practices and actions: supporting and providing individual support to each person in the fulfilment of their aspirations, expectations and desires, and the fulfilment of their potential.

Person-centred care, empowering people to act in a suitable environment

Positive Care is an integral approach: one person, one environment, one ethic. Healthcare settings and living spaces become one: patients and residents benefit from care that respects their needs, their rhythm and their wishes.

This approach is rooted in evidence-based medicine, which is the result of the convergence of three elements: scientific data, professional expertise and individual’s preferences. Ultimately, it’s about not doing harm! We must always consider non-pharmaceutical interventions as a first-line treatment.

As part of a continuous improvement approach, we are striving to implement best practices in our facilities. For us, Positive Care is the benchmark for care and addressing vulnerabilities.

Nicolas Mérigot Executive Vice President France

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Positive Care as seen by…

Through the eyes of Prof. Antoine Piau, Clariane’s Medical, Ethics and Health Innovation Senior Vice President, Marie Ponsonnet, Facility Manager of a Korian care home, Rémi Boyer, Clariane’s Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Audrey Algard, Facility Doctor, as well as two residents, discover a multi-dimensional and comprehensive vision of Positive Care.

I treat people, not patients and certainly not diseases. I work hand in hand with people, they do not just work for me.

Prof. Antoine Piau Medical, Ethics and Health Innovation Senior Vice President

Well aware of the importance of living spaces, when refurbishing our facility, we wanted to theme all the decor around the 20th arrondissement of Paris, because most of our residents come from that area.

Marie Ponsonnet Korian Les Terrasses du XXème Facility Manager

Clariane is aware of the values of its teams, who work everyday with the most vulnerable, and wants to take care of those of take care of them.

Rémi Boyer Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Non-pharmaceutical interventions are always designed top optimize residents remaining capacities through sessions arranged at a frequency and schedule established in a personalised programme.

Dr Audrey Algard Coordinating Doctor at a Korian care home

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