Occupational Health and Prevention of Professional Risks: our priority

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Korian's 4 representative trade unions signed the first company agreement on "health at work and prevention of professional risks" in the private health and medical-social sector

Korian France announces the signature of a company agreement on health at work and prevention of professional risks with all the representative trade unions of the company (UNSA, CGT, CFDT and FO). This agreement, which commits all the signatories for the next 4 years, is the first to be signed by a private player in the health and medico-social sector.

By reinforcing its actions in terms of prevention, Korian wishes to work in a logic of anticipation in order to preserve the health of employees and to limit the risk of professional disinsertion.

The four defined axes are :

o Clarifying the roles of both internal and external actors and the relationships between them in order to engage each employee and stakeholder in terms of health and safety and strengthening investment in training.

o The prevention of physical risks and in particular the occurrence of Musculoskeletal Disorders. This structuring approach is supported internally by a team of dedicated preventionists who will be strengthened within the framework of this agreement.

o Preventing the risk of unfitness and strengthening job retention with a strong focus on employees on long-term absence in order to facilitate their return to work or, if necessary, their professional retraining.

o The prevention of psychosocial risks in order to better support teams

« In the continuation of the work done on the reinforcement of the social contract and after eight months of negotiation, we are satisfied to be able to announce the unanimous signature of the Trade Unions of the 1st agreement of our sector dedicated to Occupational Health and Prevention of Professional Risks, declares Nicolas Mérigot, General Manager of Korian France. This major agreement allows us to reinforce our mutual commitments and to mobilise everyone on the improvement of health at work. »

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