Definitive acquisition of Inicea

Healthcare facilities and services


After obtaining the necessary regulatory and competition law authorisations, the acquisition of Inicea puts us in the top 3 players in the private psychiatry sector.


- Third-largest player in the private psychiatric care sector - Strengthening a fourth business line within Korian France - 6% organic growth expected over the next 5 years supported by a large project pipeline

Announced on October 1st 2020, this structuring operation represents for Korian a major step in the strengthening of our medical activities with the creation of a new activity dedicated to mental health within the French branch, which will benefit from the contribution of the skills of Inicea's teams, led by Pierre Forest.

We now operate 30 specialist psychiatric and addiction clinics, comprising the 11 facilities currently managed by Korian in France along with the 19 from Inicea. This network makes Korian the third-largest player in this market in France.

Inicea has developed an innovative approach to outpatient care, including the introduction of dedicated, standalone day care centres. The Group will continue this strategy in the next few months by opening two new centres in 2021 in Tours and the South west of France.


“We are delighted to welcome Inicea’s team, with whom we share common values and the same vision of how care will evolve in future, with the aim of improving the way we care for our patients in line with our “In Caring Hands” business plan,” said Nicolas Merigot, CEO of Korian France. “Integrating Inicea within Korian represents another milestone in our development, one that aims to strengthen and diversify the range of medical services we provide to our residents and patients.”

"Joining the Korian group marks an important step in the recognition of the work done by Inicea's teams for our patients with mental disorders," says Pierre Forest, Inicea's chief executive officer. "I would like to thank Antin Infrastructure Partners, with whom we have had an excellent working relationship since 2016. We are convinced that the know-how acquired by the medical and healthcare teams in innovative care pathways will be best developed over the medium and long term within the Korian group. With Korian, we will pursue our common ambition to build a French player, widely recognised and innovative in the field of mental health”.