Clariane’s UK team at Berkley Care Group celebrated Pride Month

Clariane Group

Pride is not just a celebration. Every June, Pride Month both commemorates and celebrates LGBTQ activism and culture through the years. As a leading employer in the care and healthcare sector, we honor diversity in all its forms.

Pride month came to and end but the fight continues! We want to thank our caregivers and teams working at Berkley Care Group in the United Kingdom, who celebrated diversity in their care homes by reinforcing understanding and awareness around LGBTQIA+ with their teams, residents, loved ones and local communities.

At Clariane, we are committed to create an inclusive environment for all employees, ensuring they benefit from equal rights and treatment regardless or their sexual orientation and gender identity. As a matter of fact, after initially signing the LGBT+ Charter of L’Autre Cercle in 2018, the Group has renewed its support and involvement for a three-year period in 2023.

Pride is something to be celebrated every single day of the year, however at Berkley Care our teams always place a special emphasis on this topic during Pride month that takes place every June. We are very proud to be allies and supporters of Pride as well as our team members, residents and loved ones who identify as LGBTQIA+. It is the uniqueness of each individual at Berkley Care that makes us who we are, and our inclusive culture is something we see as so important to enabling diversity, and ensuring everyone can be their true authentic selves at all times.

Leah Smith HR Officer at Berkley Care Group