Changing our perspective on disability!

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Clariane places the highest priority on the quality of care provided in its various facilities. The Group’s medical and healthcare teams are constantly working to improve the well-being of patients and residents across all health needs. To mark World Disability Day on 9 October, we wanted to highlight the Group’s commitments in this area and showcase two initiatives that have been rolled out in two Inicea healthcare facilities in France: the photo exhibition “Je reste avant tout une personne comme les autres” (“a person like any other!”), aimed at raising awareness of the importance of inclusion of people with disabilities, and the discovery of a disability sport, adaptive paddleboarding.

“Above all, I am still a person like any other”: the campaign celebrating difference at the Inicea Foyer de Vie et Maison d’Accueil Spécialisée Les Alcides!

Yannick, Christophe, Alain, Karine and Cliff: from 15 May to 15 June 2023, these five residents of Les Alcides facility were given pride of place in the streets of Saint-Chamas, a town in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France, as well as Marseille and Aix en Provence.

This campaign to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities was launched by the Inicea Foyer de Vie et Maison d’Accueil Spécialisé Les Alcides, in partnership with the Saint-Chamas town council.

By displaying their portraits on places such as the front of the Saint-Chamas town hall, on the walls of companies’ entrances and on bus shelters, the residents were able to share their stories and life experiences as valued citizens. Each testimony tells of the hardships they have faced. The stories also highlight their determination, courage and resilience.

This is a way of encouraging the people of Saint-Chamas to question their own biases and representations of people with disabilities, and to look beyond prejudices and preconceived ideas.

As Yannick, Christophe, Alain, Karine and Cliff so aptly put it, each of them is above all “a person like any other!”.

Christophe, Yannick, Alain, Karine, Cliff

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The Alcides facility is benefiting from a new perspective. The fears that can exist towards people with disabilities are fading. It is extremely rewarding for residents to be part of the town and to be recognised as fully-fledged citizens!

Laurent Cottier Director of the Les Alcides Foyer de vie et Maison d’Accueil Spécialisé

Le Foyer de Vie et Maison d’Accueil Spécialisée Les Alcides – Inicea, les établissements de santé de la communauté Clariane en France, accueille depuis plus de 30 ans des personnes cérébro-lésées (traumatisés-crâniens, accidents vasculaires, lésions anoxiques), des personnes atteintes de maladies dégénératives ou atteintes de lésions médullaires. Pour en savoir plus sur l’établissement

Discovering the joys of board sports with adaptive paddleboarding

In Cambo-les-Bains (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), the Inicea Marienia medical, post-acute and rehabilitation care clinic is a functional rehabilitation facility specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

In addition to rehabilitation, in order to bring the patient as close as possible to their previous level of autonomy, the facility supports patients in their return to social life, and sport plays an important role in this.

The Marienia clinic’s adapted physical activity trainers offer one activity a month throughout the year to spinal cord and amputee patients, such as adaptive skiing, adaptive surfing, climbing and adaptive paddleboarding.

To this end, five patients took part in an adaptive paddleboarding outing this summer. It was a great experience for all concerned, with lots of trial and error, balancing, falling in, and above all big smiles on everyone’s faces!