The Korian Week of the Values, a European great moment

Clariane Group

Trust, Initiative and Responsibility are the values that underpin our mission to serve the elderly and frail, and which will continue to drive us in 2022 and beyond.

They are our pride and our compass. They give us a framework and a common language, they help us to progress, and they give meaning to our actions.

Our values also strengthen the team by providing a protective framework in which everyone can express themselves and innovate. They contribute to improving the quality of our work for the benefit of all by harmonizing our practices and enabling us to better prevent risks.

Our values are inseparable from our mission to serve the elderly and frail.

From 15 to 19 November, throughout Europe, employees will be discussing values, in particular through the "Let's talk values" game. This will be an opportunity to learn about our values as a team or to deepen their collective understanding of them using a number of tools made available to them.

Values Week is an opportunity to remind people that the spirit of Trust, Initiative and Responsibility are the foundation of our business and the know-how of our corporate culture.

Our Ethical Charter, a European and multidisciplinary approach that formalizes our values and attitudes

Our three values, Trust, Initiative, Responsibility, guide our actions with ethics and integrity.

The result of a collaborative effort by representatives of different businesses, activities and countries, our Ethics Charter expresses in concrete terms how our values of Trust, Initiative and Responsibility are translated every day in all the areas where we operate.

Our Ethics Charter illustrates the Group's attitudes in a very concrete way to help us live them better. Based on numerous testimonies and contributions from Group employees throughout Europe, it is our reference text to inspire and guide our day-to-day actions and to help us when we have to deal with complex ethical situations.

"Let's Talk Values", the game that allows us to concretely address our values

The proper appropriation of our values also involves a specially created game that questions values and ethics in concrete situations, in a fun and friendly way. It presents scenarios frequently encountered in daily life to enable employees to develop their ethical thinking in relation to the Group's values in order to make the most appropriate decisions.

Collaborateurs jouant au jeu des valeurs

Watch the values video made with the participation of 11 Korian employees in 7 countries: