The Korian Foundation, partner of the Alliance for Education

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National education requires students in their final year of college to do a one-week observation internship in a company. Because of Covid, it was not possible to accommodate students in establishments as in previous years. Nevertheless, the association " Crée ton avenir ", helped us to set up a digital internship for the 3rd year students of Toulouse and Sarcelles. The aim of this one-week semi-distance training course was to introduce students to the professions taking care of the older generation. We introduced them to the various jobs at the head office and in the establishments.

The students were divided into 2 classes :

The students from Sarcelles (95) did their semi-distance internship from 8 to 12 February.

The students from Toulouse (31) did their semi-distance internship from 25 to 29 January

These two internships were carried out within the framework of the partnership between Korian, the Korian Foundation, the Alliance for Education and the association "Crée ton avenir" which managed all the logistics of the internships. During their internship the students had the opportunity to discover the professions offered by Korian, and they had to take up a challenge: to respond creatively to Korian's relocation project to the Moon!

This project consisted in imagining a concept for the establishment of a Korian treatment centre on the moon. Korian continues to grow and this project aims to show that the company is adapting and developing. A creative work to which the students responded successfully. The 4 members of the jury, including Mathilde TRO, director of TNM, were impressed by the work carried out.

Prior to the internships, the Korian Foundation and the association "Crée ton avenir" went to the colleges to present the terms and conditions of the internship and to remind them of the rules of conduct during the internship.

The "Crée ton avenir" programme complements these courses with educational materials such as role-playing, the creation of materials and support for students to carry out their presentations. The students were delighted with this project and gave us positive feedback!


A word of thanks from the students of Vauquelin College (31) : "We really want to thank Korian and the collaborators for giving us time, information and advice".

Feedback of the music teacher : "Through the presentations and oral performances made by the young people, we realise that everything we have been bringing them for the past 4 years is beginning to connect in their minds and in their practices. It is certain that I will be able to take up and use what has been built this week in my classes. A beautiful experience for the young people."

Feeback of the students: :

"I was a bit afraid of this distance learning course, and I didn't expect it to be so good! " 

"I discovered new jobs".

"I thought that a real internship would be better, but it was really good.

"We are proud of us! »