Recruiting future facility managers from among management trainees

Clariane Group

Every year, since 2014, Korian has held a dedicated event for the Management trainees.

The event has several aims: :

🔹 To mark the end of their apprenticeship, which lasted one to two years, in a friendly and relaxed event.

🔹 To prepare the trainees for the experience of a recruitment, in real condition.

🔹 Carrying out the first steps of a pre-recruitment campaign, organising job dating with internal recruiters for all participants.

This year, the theme was customers and employees experience.

As an introduction of the day and to give the participants some material, Robert ROCHEBLAVE, French Manager of the In Caring Hands review at Korian and Magalie ZOGHBI, Mediation Project Manager trainee, spoke on the subjects of Family Relations, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and In Caring Hands projects deployment.

The participants then got together in teams and played a business game, in which they were put in a situation within a facility (clinic or nursing home).

They also had the opportunity to discuss with former trainees who became facility managers. Margaux VILLARD and Hugo HERTAULT DOCHE shared their experience with them.

"At Korian, the commitment is mutual. I rely on the Group to improve my skills, to be accompanied, to have projects for openings, to pursue my career... and the Group counts on me to get involved, whatever the projects are ", comments Margaux Villard, Support Director in Korian nursing homes network.

Finally, Nadège Plou, Director of Human Resources, ended the session by talking about the integration of new managers and career opportunities within Korian.