Orange the World 2023: the Clariane community speaks out against violence towards women!

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Every year since 1991, from 25 November to 10 December, the Orange the World campaign has been raising awareness of the fight against violence towards women and girls around the world, to help bring it to an end. For the third year running, the Clariane Group and its entire community join this international movement calling for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.

OrangeTheWorld: 16 days dedicated to combating all forms of gender-based violence

Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive and persistent human rights violations in the world. This violence affects women regardless of their age, background or level of education. It takes many forms: psychological, verbal, sexual, physical and economic violence.

#OrangeTheWorld, a public awareness campaign led by UN Women, calls on governments, associations, businesses, the media and all those involved in civil society to join forces to combat violence against women and girls.

đźź  In the European Union, one in ten women has been a victim of cyberbullying since the age of 15, including receiving unsolicited and/or offensive sexually explicit emails and/or text messages, or offensive and/or inappropriate advances on social media.

đźź  40% of women who experience violence seek help in some form.

đźź  On average, more than five women or girls are killed every hour by a member of their own family.

đźź  More than one in three women worldwide suffer from physical or sexual violence.

Sources : UN Women, WHO

The Clariane community united to end violence against women and girls

Spearheaded by the Clariane Women’s Club, the awareness campaign will be rolled out in all the countries in which the Group operates, with the aim of raising awareness of violence against women but also of creating a climate of kindness and listening to encourage victims to speak out and provide advice on how to support them.

By symbolically wearing an orange garment or accessory during the campaign, each employee will be invited to act as an ambassador for this cause among colleagues, patients, residents and their families.

Communication tools will also be distributed to employees, to support discussions in every one of our facilities on the subject of violence: the “Violence Meter”, an educational tool designed to help women identify violent or potentially violent behaviour, will be widely distributed.

Events will also be organised locally on the initiative of countries and establishments (webinars, support walks, workshops, etc.).

A year-round commitment within Clariane

The Clariane Group, which comprises a community of 82% women, places special emphasis on combatting violence against women.

This support is expressed in particular through the actions of Clariane’s Women’s Club, which has chosen to focus on two major topics: combatting violence against women and women’s leadership and empowerment.

To this end, Clariane signed the OneInThreeWomen anti-violence charter in 2019, followed by the WEPs (Women’s Empowerment Principles) led by UN Women in 2021, and commits to the Orange the World campaign every year.

Numerous actions in Europe are carried out throughout the year to raise awareness and train teams, support and advise women victims, through partnerships with associations such as the Maison des femmes in France or Di.Re in Italy.

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