Launch of S.Keys, the first European training program for managers

Clariane Group

The Covid-19 crisis has profoundly shaken up organisations. It has highlighted the importance of collective action and the sharing of experiences, as well as the central role of local management in health sector facilities, who work closely with residents, their families, teams and all the company's stakeholders. With nearly 950 facilities in Europe and therefore as many managers, Korian is launching this month a specific three-year training programme dedicated to strengthening their managerial skills, one of the very first in Europe in the health and medico-social sector.

A theme will be defined each year: year 1 will be used to collectively define a "Korian Management Charter"; year 2 will focus on methods to enhance innovation and creativity; year 3 will be dedicated to the facility’s project and collaboration with all stakeholders.

This training programme will combine a total of 72 hours of e-learning for each manager, 150 hours of virtual classes and, in principle, one day of face-to-face sharing per year (depending on the health situation).


"Facility managers play a central role in our Group, at the crossroads of the service provided to residents, patients and families, team support and facility management in relation to all the stakeholders present in the area. Regardless of the country in which they are based, the site directors will share the same management culture through this programme, based on our corporate values and our In Caring Hands business project" says Rémi Boyer, Director of Human Resources and CSR for the Korian Group.