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Clariane, our Ethics Charter

An Ethics Charter, or Code of Ethics, is a document in which an organisation officially sets out its values, ethics policy and corporate culture. Our Ethics Charter helps us to carry out our purpose “Take care of each person’s humanity in times of vulnerability”.

This Charter, which is aligned with Clariane’s three core values of trust, responsibility and initiative, sets out our social and societal responsibility towards all our stakeholders which we reaffirm through our status as purpose driven company.

Our Ethics Charter illustrates the “Clariane attitudes” in a very concrete way to help us to live up to them and keep them alive. This document, put together from many testimonies and contributions from Group employees across Europe, is our reference text to inspire and guide our daily actions and help us when faced with complex ethical situations.

Sophie Boissard Chief Executive Officer of the Clariane Group

The Ethics Charter’s scope of application

Our Ethics Charter is a reference document for all employees within the Clariane Group and its subsidiaries. Everyone is required to read it and follow it.

We share it with all our partners, regardless of their position or status, to help them better understand our vision and culture, and so that they may apply it in any dealings they have with Clariane.

The Ethics Charter is presented to all Group employees on their induction.